4 ways to refresh your life

''Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can'' - Arthur Ashe


1. Change your pad
Change that one pad you always take in the morning, walk a different route, take a different train or bus. Just explore the world differently and you will see that you will come across completely new things and people. Just make a change in the way you travel and that already can make a huge difference. 

2. Put away your phone more often
This is the one thing that has opened my eyes a lot more. I used to always be on my phone during my journey in the train every morning but now that I put it away more often, I feel so different. I look outside and see so many things that I didn't notice before, it's like travelling in a completely different train. Try to live life more and only use your phone when you really need to use it or else you will miss out on the beauty of the earth. 

3. Go into different stores
I am not only talking about clothing stores, but also supermarkets. Just skip the ones you go to everyday or every time you go on a shopping trip. Visit stores which you have Never been too and explore new things and ways. Maybe you will wonder where that one place was your entire life once you've visited it. 

4. Find a new (refreshing) hobby 
This may be easier said than done but a hobby doesn't necessarily have to be something big. I for example decided that I want to play the piano because I got inspired by classical music during studying for my exams. We have a keyboard at home and the step between thinking and doing it is really small in my case. So start with a small thing and build it up to something bigger when you are ready for it, who knows what it will bring  in the future. 

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