Shopping haul: Zara, Primark and More

Hi there! Spring is going on for a while now but it hasn’t been that sunny in my town to be honest. However the last couple of days where quit warm and the weather was simply gorgeous. I hope it will last longer than 2 days this time because I am really looking forward to the sun shining on my skin. But at least the sad weather didn’t stop me from shopping this week  and I bought some really lovely things. As you know I bought new shoes, but I also bought lots of other things.  

Primark & H&M.

I was looking for basics but also some nice shirts that weren’t too cold or too hot for the weather.  I found them at Primark en H&M and I am really happy about them. I have a bit of a problem with size when it comes to basics. I am really tall and my waist is quite slim, so finding tops that fit my waist and my height is a bit of a challenge for me. Also I have long arms so wearing  long sleeved tops is also a challenge. However I found the perfect tops and sleeved shirts at Primark and H&M.

Primark sleeved shirts(left to right): 10.00,- euros   8.00,- euros. 
Primark top (right): 2.00,- euros
H&M top(left): 4.95,- euros


You may not know this but I have been looking for the perfect black jeans for more than a half year now. Being tall is just a disaster if you want to find the perfect jeans. But I finally did it and found my lovely pair of black jeans at Zara
Skinny Jeans: 19.99,-

Accessories & Make up

I can't leave the city without going into a drugstore or a Douglas. I am that kind of person that just goes into a shop that sells make up and comes out with nothing besides her arm full of swatches.
But that doesn't happen very often, because most of the time I do need something. However I still swatch a lot of products in the store. 

I bought a catrice lipstick(3.99,-  euros ) and eye shadow base (3.59,- euros ) and also a Mac concealer (18.00,- euros )

 At Primark I also bought a set with 3 necklaces and a set of  5 low cut socks. I also went to the Action and bought myself a new phone case for my Galaxy s4, for 2.49,- euros! 

Socks: 3.00,- euros. Necklace: 4.00,- euro.

I am currently in love with tiny necklaces so it was love at first sight when I saw these ones hanging. You could have spotted my tiny elephant necklace in this, article this week. Because I bought them the day before my college interview. I think it's really cute for such a low price.

 Necklace close up.

I am really happy about my assecories, clothes and my new make up. I am already really delighted about my catrice lipstick and I will write an article about that soon. Therefore I hope you enjoyed this shopping haul, because I enjoyed sharing it with you! If you want to keep up with me and see more lovely pictures you can follow my Instagram.

So what is your favourite Item out of my haul?


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  1. Leuke haul! Ik vind de kettingen echt suuuper cute :) X

  2. Leuke aankoopjes heb je gedaan! Met broeken kopen heb ik echt altijd ruzie, heel irritant! Xoxo

  3. Die kettingen vind ik leuk!

  4. Hele leuke aankopen, vooral de kettingen!

  5. Leuke dingen! Ik twijfel al een hele tijd of ik de Mac concealer zal kopen.

    1. Er komt binnenkort een review over online, dus dan weet je ongeveer hoe hij is in gebruik :)

  6. Die ketting met de olifant is zo leuk! Waarom heb ik die niet gezien haha!

  7. Mooie items. Zien er allemaal goed uit.
    Xx Anne

  8. Goed geshopt ^^ Vooral de Mac concealer maakt me benieuwd. Hoe vind je het?

    x Aurélie

  9. I love MAC!


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