Catrice Ultimate stay lipstick || 070

Good morning! Today I wanted to start with an article about my new favourite Catrice lipstick. You may already have seen it in my shoplog or on my twitter days ago. The Catricle Ultimate stay lipstick 070 is a creamy slim and berry coloured lipstick that makes my heart race faster than pizza. If you want to find out more, click further below!

The name of the lipstick is Plump and Base 070. I really like the black and tight package of it and how small and handy the lipstick is. It fits easily in my make-up bag and pocket, so you can take it anywhere you want because of the size. 

I was looking for a berry tinted lipstick for a really long  time, and I also was looking for a budget version so If it didn’t fit me I would not have waist a lot of money. Most of the low budget brands don’t make dark tinted lipsticks and I think that’s such a loss because I really love dark lipsticks and so do more people. However Catrice surprised me with this berry tinted one and I fell in love with it right away after applying it to my lips. 

This lipstick is really creamy and soft and it smells amazing. It gives you the urge to lick your lips because of the amazing smell, but of course the taste is a whole different story. Another thing that surprised me was how solid the lipstick is. It is really long-lasting lipstick, it took me a lot of soap to wash the swatch off and the lipstick also survived a school day. Not to forget, I had lasagne as dinner and after that the colour was still showing. It didn’t look like in the morning of course but my lips where still coloured and pretty looking. Also very important: My lips didn’t get dry after removing the lipstick or through the day, something that happens to me very often.  
I think this is really great for a low budget lipstick and I am really happy about it. 

If you are still looking for a low budget long lasting  lipstick that is a little dark and berry tinted well than stop looking because  I found the right one for you. I can’t even explain how much I am in love with this lipstick. I will be wearing this lipstick a lot and tell everyone about it. I already did to be honest. The photo is a little light but the lipstick is a bit darker in real life.

I hope you enjoyed, me sharing my new favourite low budget lipstick and tell me in the comments how you feel about it!



  1. Super mooie lippenstift! Staat je super goed xx

  2. Beter dan pizza, dat belooft wat! :p Echt een heel leuk kleurtje en het staat je heel mooi.

  3. Hij staat je echt heel erg mooi!

  4. Heel mooi, ik ben zelf ook heel tevreden over Catrice lipsticks!

  5. Mooi kleurtje! Staat je heel goed! Ik heb nog niets van deze lijn van Catrice ben er wel heel benieuwd naar.

    1. Ik zou zeker eens gaan kijken want ze hebben echt veel mooie kleuren! :))

  6. Wat een mooie kleur zeg! X Laura

  7. Wat ben je een BEAUTY! En de kleur staat je ook erg mooi! X

  8. Mooi kleur voor je!!

    x Aurélie

  9. Wauw wat een mooie kleur zeg! :)

  10. Mooie kleur zeg, het staat je super goed, geen wonder dat je er zo veel complimenten over krijgt!

  11. I want this lipstick !!!
    its so gorgeous



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