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Hola sweet potatoes! As you can see I have a new review for you muffins and this time it's all about gloss. The Rimmel London Oh my Gloss! Lip gloss in the color 330 SNOG to be more specific. As you may know I am not a fan of Rimmel London, but some how I found this gloss line really cute and they had amazing colors in stock. So I decided to buy one and for further explanation of this product you should just read this lovely article.

Let me first tell you how much I love the Design. It looks really high end and I really like the not so symmetric bottle. I seriously would think twice of buying a lipgloss if the design was ugly. Anyway, you can see the color clearly and it shows what it sells, lipgloss.

The applicator is a bit the same shape as the bottle which is really cool. It's also applies the gloss in a nice way and I like the feeling of it too, super soft! I also like the way it doesn't apply to much on your lips, so there is no need to tap some gloss from it.

The product itself
 I bet you guys came all the way here to know HOW the product actually feels. So let's get straight to the point shall we? First of all, this gloss smells really, really good. It doesn't have that chemical/factory smell but a soft candy mixed with roses kind of smell. I can't really describe it but it is nice. 

The gloss itself doesn't feel sticky at all which was my biggest fear at first. We all know the horror of sticky lip gloss, right? Snog feels really nice on your lips, like you are not even wearing lip gloss, which feeling I highly enjoy.

And of course my gloss slightly came off after eating, that is not really a suprise isn't it? It's not all gone but you definitely need to re-apply after diner. However I think that the Rimmel lip gloss gives my lips a nice touch of pink. The color itself is not completely pink, I still spot a bit of peach flows in it, but its still really wearable and cute. It's also well pigmented. 

Why you should buy this product

  • It's a nice and wearable gloss
  • It's not sticky like sticky notes
  • Nice design
  • If you think 6,99 euros isn't expensive for a lip gloss.
  • It looks nice on dark skin tones

Why you should not buy this product

  • If it bothers you that it doesn't survive a dinner
  • If you think 6,99 euros is expensive
  • If you hate Rimmel
  • If you hate lip gloss
  • If you are looking for more coverage 
  • If you have really dark lips because the color will not be really visible.

Jeej, I hope you guys enjoyed this Rimmel London review. Tell me if you have already tried this lip gloss or what you think of it. All the loveee.

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  1. You've definitely peaked my interest, even though lip glosses aren't typically my thing. Although, maybe they aren't my thing because the only ones I've ever tried were sticky... The not-sticky part is really intriguing, haha. The colour is lovely as well.

    Great review!


    1. Thanks! I prefer lipstick but this lip gloss is seriously word trying <3

  2. Erg mooi, maar mij wel iets te transparant. Duidelijke review :)

    1. Dankjee <3 Ja hij is niet heel dekend inderdaad, dus meer voor een naturele look hahah :)

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