5 x Fall/Autumn lipcolor combinations

Who told mr. Fall to come and burst into my gardan without a warning? Well I guess nobody did but he still did it. The weather is changing but so is my  make-up. No fluffy light and minimal make-up anymore, those days are gone. It's time for proper dark tones, popping lips and sweet contouring. In this article I will show you how to do five lovely lipstick/gloss looks for fall. I hope you will get inspiered by this and give it your own sweet touch!

1. Catrice berryson ford lipliner ft. Missporty hollywood fever gloss
This berry but red toned lip look is my favourite out of this list. It's not really difficult to achieve either, just fill your entire lips in with a berry tinted lipliner and add a lipgloss on top of it with a more pink toned look. This will give your lips a nice red fall look but it's also pretty perfect for christmas!

2. Sleek matte me lipcream birthday suite ft. Catrice cherry on top 
& Brown lipliner
You have already seen the sleek matte me lip cream in the colour birthday suite in my latest mini haul. I seriously really love the color but I only wear it in combination with several lipliners or else it will look a bit weird on my skintone. I started with lining around my lips with a brown lipliner and continued with a more red lipliner on top of it. After that I applied the lipcream on my entire lips and waited till it got(I used this in my latest video). The matte me lipcream dries really quick and the substance is outstansing. If you want a not so noticable fall lip color this combination is perfect for you!

3. Mac Sin ft. nobody
I believe that mac sin is made for fall, despite that I wore this lipstick during summer. I love the red but brown toned lipstick a lot and it's definitely one of my favourites. I also did a review on Mac Sin and some several make-up looks.

4. Catrice 070 ft. Catrice teddy brown & Sleek matte me lipcream 
birthday suite
Jeej another pink toned lip combination. I started of with applying the catrice plump lipstick on my entire lips and than addind teddy brown in only the center of my lips. On top of that I added Birthday suite also only in the center. Causing a not so noticable ombre effect, but hey atleast I tried! This lipcolor is perfect for heavy eye make-up or just a simple make-up look.

5. Catrice passions red ft. Essence 07 natural beauty lipstick.
This lip combination is also really simple, all I did was apply the red Catrice lipstick on my lips(not a lot) and the Essence pink toned lipstick on top of that and adding some brown lipliner on the edges of my lips. This gave my lips a natural not so covered look, perfect for school days.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope I inspired you to play a bit more with your make-up so that you guys discover new fun combinations. Oh and don't forget to comment which make-up product is on your fall wishlist! 

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  1. These are some great combinations! The colours are all so lovely, and definitely perfect for autumn! For some reason I never think to combine my lip colour products, maybe this post will cement it in my mind ;)


    1. Thankyou sooo much and I am glad to hear that! :)

  2. Love the last combination on you! Very subtle but lovely

  3. Ziet er echt super leuk uit! Ben dol op herfstkleuren :)

  4. donkerrood staat je zo onwijs mooi!

  5. Great post! Mac Sin is such a pretty colour, I definitely need to get it for fall. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  6. De laatste is denk ik mijn favoriet!


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