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Goodmorning muffins, it's such an wonderful day isn't it? I thought it was a perfect day to share a new review with you lovelies and this time I have a special one. I am not reviewing make-up or skincare products but hair extensions! A fun and new challenge for me and my blog. Get yourself something to eat/ drink and sit down, because I am going to tell you all about the Irresistible me Silky touch hair extensions!

Irresistible me is a growing brand of 100% Remy clip natural hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. It specializes in high quality extensions at great prices.
Irresistible me is based in the Fashion District in New york, so it's an American brand.
You can order hair extensions from there website that's called
There is big choice in all type of extensions from ponytails to mermaid long hair! If you ever dreamed of trying American hair extensions this is your chance! 

Delivery & Package 
My clip in hair extensions came in a cute little grey box. They got delivered so fast, I think it took like 5 working days to delivere them. Not to forget that I live in Europe and they came all the way from the USA. So I was really happy about this. The package also has written inside how to share your extensions on instagram once you've clipped them in. You tell the world how you feel about them and they will repost your picture on their feed! 

The Package itself was easy to open and I also easily removed the plastic from the hair and the rubbers that kept it toghter. The hair was in great condition, it had some dust on it here and there but despite that it was pretty fine!

The Hair 
The hair is really soft and it's a bit curly at the end but still really straight, so it's 100% human hair for sure. It came in 10 pieces with 2 really small pieces, 1 really big piece and 7 medium pieces. I first thought it was way to little for my hair but once they were clipped in, it was enough for my whole head!

So after clipping them in, I notices that the color was a bit darker than my own hair color. I ordered the Silky jet black (#1), 18 inches and 200 gram. The lengt was perfect but the tone was a bit too blue black for me. My hair is more brown toned black, but it was still not a really big deal. It's not something you notice directly and if you blend it well(which they did with my hair), it will be alright. The thickness of the hair was alright though, how longer it is how less thick it will be. 200 is the most amount of gram you can order but you can also order 2 packages so, you can make it as thick as you want. 

Irresistible me also says that you can straighten and curl your hair extensions like normal hair. But I actually had a hard time curling it. The hair just doesn't bend or rotate well and the curls sag after ten minutes, so that's a bit of a dissapointment. I haven't straightend it yet, but I they are already straight so there's no need to do that. 

Here a before and after picture:

Let me tell you why you should buy this product:
- It's 100% soft human hair
- It's not really expensive, the prices start at 79$.(depends on how many gram & the inches)
- It's a trustworthy American Company
- Fast Delivery
- They are pretty
- Easy to clip in and remove
- It blends well with african natural hair and of course european hair.

Let me tell you why you should not buy this product:
- It doesn't curl well
- If you think it's too expensive
- If you can't wait more than 3 days for your delivery.
- If your shade isn't in stock

I think this is great hair extensions quality, and I would recommend it if you are maybe just starting out with hair extensions or if you are looking for another brand. Irresistible me also has a video where they explain how to clip in your extensions. They are also on Instagram if you want to see more shades and examples. You can still order the Silke Jet black (#1) on the website, which you can find here. I wish you all happy days my lovely visitors! Laterzz aligatorzz


Latest video:

*This review contains a product that was send to me by a company


  1. Dionne (onnedi op youtube) had hier ook besteld, schijnt erg goed te zijn!

    Het staat je mooi!

  2. Lovely ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    Have a nice Tuesday ~
    * SheIn *

  3. Wauwie staat je mooi! Ik heb zelf custom colored extensions van Luxury For Princess, ook erg blij mee :)

  4. Staat erg goed! Mijn haar kan jammer genoeg niet zo goed tegen extensions. De kwaliteit ziet er ook fijn uit!

    1. Dankjewel! Dat is wel jammer maarja je eigen haar is natuurlijk ook heel tof! <3


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