Review | Hema foaming shower gel

Hello there dolls, don't you just love the color pink? Well I do and this is the reason why I adore the Hema foaming shower gel even more. I will tell you all about this hot fancy product in this review today. Ready for a ruf ride? Well than take a seat. 

I adore the cute pinkisch design. It's simple but effective. I get really happy just by looking at it because it definitely looks like a party. Also the way the words look is so cute and the size waaay cuter than any pet in the world (except mine).

I really like the gel though, it has a nice texture, a bit like Moose. It's a plain white gel that comes out like toothpaste first but when you start using the foam comes to live like crazy. It also has a nice smell but when you shower you can't really smell it anymore. It's more a smell that sticks to the bottle but not to the soap itself. 

Despite the smell I really enjoy using it and it also has a great size for travelling. There is also a lot in it but beware, the foam comes out like crazy ahah. So I hope you enjoyed this fun faire little review and I hope to see you back soon on here!


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  1. Het ziet er onwijs schattig uit, Hema heeft leuke spulletjes!

  2. Ah jammer is dat hé, dat heb je zó vaak met van die shower gels dat het echt onwijs lekker ruikt maar je er vervolgens op de huid niks meer van opmerkt.

    1. Jaa echt heel erg, maar ik had bijvoorbeeld met de kruidvat douchegels wel dat je het gewoon op je huid rook en tijdens het douche! :)


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