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Welcomee ladies and ladies to my fabulous blog! I bought a new mascara because I wasn't really satisfied about the one I already had. And I also heared great things about this mascara, so I thought it would be worth trying it. Of course I didn't forget about you lovelies and so I wrote a review about the Hema 3D effect mascara. Sharing my honest opinion with you muffins, are you curious yet? Well than check out the article yourself!

The design of the the Hema 3d effect mascara is really simple. It's just a tall black stick and nothing more than that. It's not really attractive but well, not every make-up product can be cute, can it? However most Hema mascara's look a like and are nothing more than thick and black, or tall and black or slim and black. So this wasn't a suprise at all.

The applicator is made out of plastic. I didn't check it before I bought the mascara so I wasn't really pleased because I am quite done with plastic applicators. But I have to say this applicator works pretty well! It's not too big or too small but still don't like the way it touches my lashes if you know what I mean. I don't like the feeling of it, but I think that's just personal right? 

Jesus Christ, the substance is like water. It's really really like really wet! I don't like that at all because it creates more stains when you miss an eyelash. This mascara also has a hard time drying, I had to wait like 1 minute before I could apply the next layer. That may sound short to you but if you are applying mascara that's way too long. So the substance wasn't working for me at all unfortunatily. Oh and also, as you guys know I have black eyelashes so I am really critical towards the blackness of a mascara. The Hema 3d effect mascara is really black, I have seen darker, but it's a great dark budget mascara.

The effect
Besides the irritating substance I love the effect this mascara gives my eyelashes. Yes, I have seen better effects but for 4,95 euro's this budget mascara is quite fine. It separated my eyelashes quite well. However I had to apply four layers to get the result I wanted (the result on the pictures below). I actually don't think that this mascara really gives me a 3d effect or a lot of volume, so it fails at that point (Sorry Hema). I think it's just a simple and nice mascara but not really special. I think it's great for the people who are just starting out with make-up. It gives my eyelashes lengte and volume but not so much that I can call it a mindblowing 3D effect. 

Judge for youself:

Why you should buy this product:
- It's really black
- It separates your eyelashes in a nice way
- It's only 4,95 euros
- If you are just starting out with make-up this mascara will be great for you
- If you have thick eyelashes this mascara will definitelly help you because you don't need much volume.

Why you should not buy this product:
- The substance is really wet
- Doesn't dry quick at all
- If you want volume and lengte all in one, because this mascara aint gonna give it to you gurl.
- If you don't like plastic applicators
- If you think a nice design is important/

Well hopefully you enjoyed this article! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin because I am almost on 100 followers whooop. I also think because school is coming back soon I will change to posting only 3 times a week because I also have to make videos (oh well) and homework!
See ya next time ladies!


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