My favourite instagram accounts part 2

Hola, how are you guys? It's such a beautiful day and during this beautiful day I want to tell you guys about my new favourite instagram accounts. I did an article like this months ago, you can find my favourite instagram accounts part 1 hereBut my interests of course have changed a bit and I discovered that I wasn't really interested anymore in most accounts that I follow. I cleaned up my feed and now I am going to tell you all about my newly added favourite instagram accounts which I really really like!

1. FashionistasDaily
This account gives me life omg! I love the clothes on this and it gives me a lot of inspiration.
I used to follow so many fashion accounts but I unfollowed a few because some of them started to show the same content a lot. However this account is really original, I simply love it!

2. Makeup_clips
Out of inspiration for a nice make-up look? Don't be scared because Makeup_clips is here to save you! There are a lot of these accounts lately on instagram but I think this one stands out the most! It has such a diversity in nice how-to makeup clips, you should really check it out once!

3. Outfit
I discovered this account three days ago and it's really simple. Not to much glam or anything but just some simple outfits. It gives you soo much inspiration on what to wear! There outfit posts are on point!

4 Selena Gomez
If you ready come and get it na na na na na na.... She may not be the best singer out there but hey she is a real and amazing person! I love how down to earth Selena Gomez is and I have been loving here since Disney Channel (good old times). I followed her off and on, on instagram but now she is just my favourite account! She has nice cute pictures and keeps it real, that's what I love most about here.

5. Sexualising
Don't get scared off by the name hahah, this account is the funniest account on instagram omg. It's sooo relatable and original! I even unfollowed  9GAG because Sexualising seriously beats it. It beats every funny account on instagram, just give it a try! 

6. Ariana Grande

Thank you for reading my article, hopefully you enjoyed me sharing my instagramsweethearts with you and the inspiration of course! I would love to know what your favourite accounts are, drop them in the comments! (I stopped the give away because no one really entered )

Latest video (Dutch channel)

Latest video (English Channel)                               


  1. Nummer 1 & 3 ben ik gelijk gaan volgen, leuke acounts!

  2. leuke accounts! die make-up clips ga ik zeker volgen. bedankt voor de leuke tips ;)

  3. Leuke accounts. Ik kende ze nog niet

  4. Wonderful post! I love it:)

  5. Leuk leuk! Ik volg er ook een paar :)


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