How to be happy and gain real self-confidence

Omg there she is again, that perfect girl, that has everything I don't have. That perfect girl with the nice clothes and the great hair. I wish I looked like here, I wish I had here friends, I wish.... STOP. Stop right there. Thoughts like this are poisen to your self-confidence and you happyness. However we all have/had these thoughts, but now it's time to get rid of them. School is coming back and I know some of you are maybe going to a new school or class. Well now it's time for change because I will tell you how to really be happy and really satisfied with yourself, I will tell you how to gain real confidence!

Get rid of the poison
No I am not telling you to kill the perfect girl who's looks bother you to feel better about yourself. No no nope... I am telling you to get rid of all the negative people in your life. People that make you feel horrible about yourself, that disagree with everything you do and people that just can't be happy for you if something great happens to you. Those are so I call, PP's, Poison People. Don't think that you will ever be more confident if these people are always around you, or even happy. 

How: Bloggers, youtubers, nobody tells you how you should do this, well I will. I am not saying that you have to ditch every friend that  doesn't share your opinion or something. Just be friendly and kind to the  PP's. But don't go on activities again with them, just slightly drift away by saying you don't have the time to plan any thing with them. These people may not even like you anyway so it won't bother them if you aren't around.
And after that?: Seround yourself with the people that make you smile, bring out the best in you. That one girl you spoke to once but never really had a big conversation with afterwards? Contact here again and get to know her, who knows maybe she will turn out to be an amazing true friend.

Stop caring
No I am not saying you should stop caring about your grades and your future and go al yolo on your life and use drugs or something else as stupid as that. But waT I mean with ''stop caring'' is stop caring about what people think of you. How are you supposed to live your life if you are basically listening to other people how to live it. So you are actually living your life like they want you to live it and that's really messed up. Just take a moment en think about it.
Do what you love and nothing else, if it doesn't hurt anyone or yourself why don't you just do it. Stop caring about what people think of you and it will be a big relief, believe me. You will be so much happier and more confident, you may even start loving yourself more than that perfect girl from starbucks (just an example). 

How: Everytime someone bashes you or your ideas, just remember, if it's not there cup of thea well than it isn't, they don't have to do what you want. They don't have to wear your clothes, they don't have to play your sports. Because YOU chose to do it, so it's none of their business. If they are bothered by it well than that's their problem, they can perfectly solve it themselves and there's no need to annoy you with it.
And after that?: Just live your life! Do what makes you happy, start a blog, a youtube channel, a company, there are now limits! Always stay true to yourself and you will be fine, you will be happy and you will never be bothered again by how other people may look ''better than you''.

Be positive
If you want to live a happy and healty life than you have to be positive. If there are no problems, why create them? Why complain about yourself if it's way easier to love yourself and be kind to people. Always be kind, even to your enemies because that's the only way to kill them. If you start working on your self image and the way you look at yourself, you will never compare yourself to other people again. Alright, maybe a bit, but you get the point right? Feeling happy in your skin will lead to feeling happy about yourself and that will make you gain self confidence.

How: Give the things you like about yourself more attention. Look at them, admire them and make them even more beautiful by using tools. Mascara on your eyes or a haircurler to give your hair more volume. If you start loving your good parts, it's a matter of time before you will also love your in your eyes ''less pretty'' parts. For example I have never liked my lips untill 2 years ago and right now I think they are lovely. Lipstick looks good on them and I actually like their shape. I am not being arrogant, I am just simply pointing out that I actually like things about myself and you shouldn't be afraid to do the same.
And after that?: When you reach the point of self acceptance you will also reach the point of gaining confidence. Loving yourself is important, because than you won't be afraid to speak up, stand up for yourself or talk to your new classmates. I swear to god that when you reach this point you will never look at people like they are better than you. I used to walk into a room/classroom thinking what people thought of me and if they would like me the way I looked and was. Today when I walk into a room/classroom I wonder if I like them and feel the need to give them my attention. I never actually was a person that did what other people did but I never was really really really confident untill now.  Remember, don't forget to love yourself because happyness is the key to succes. 

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