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I am going back to school next week so I went shopping a few days ago. I bought lots of things, but in this article I will show you a few little things that capture me the most.

Sleek matte me Birthday suite
The matte me liquid lipstick from sleek is somthing I wanted for a really long time. I really like the colour. It's pink but with a warm tone which really suits my skin if I use the right lipliner with it. And not to forget the beautiful desing of the bottle!

Sleek face contour kit dark
Omg finallyyy, I have contour kit. There are not a lot of brands that make bronzer for my skincolour so that I can contour. But thank god for sleek, I wanted this for like a year and a half. I was always using my way to dark eyeshadow but now I can finally use something that's made for contouring!

 20 led lights
I want to redecored my room and I thought I start with buying 20 ledlights. You need to buy the batteries apart but they are only like 1,50 euros. You can also buy them at primark. Anyway, you can decorate your lights or your wall with these lights, I will use it for my wall and I am planning to buy more cute stuff for my bedroom soo stay tuned. I may even do a roomtour when it's finished!

Sleek matte me lipstick birthday suite - Boozyshop.nl 6,99 euros
Sleek face contour kit dark - Boozyshop.nl 8,45 euros
20 led lights - Primark 7 euros

I hope you enjoyed this article! The complete haul will be up on monday so till than keep yourself occupied ahah. Have you ever tried any of these products?

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  1. Oh, I love that style of lights! I've seen them (or ones like them) around in a few videos and I've been lusting over them, haha! If you do decide to do a room tour I would love to see it ;)

    The lipstick looks like a lovely colour. And I'm glad you found a contouring powder that works for you! It seems like you've had a pretty successful shopping adventure!


    1. Yeaas, my shoppig trip was really succesfl <3 thnks for the lovely comment!

  2. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar die matte lipcream van Sleek!

  3. Oh, die lampjes zijn zo schattig!

  4. Will you do a review of the contour kit!? So curious for it


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