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I can't believe that vacation will be over for me in like 1 week. I am excited but also nervous for college, and of course I had to go to stores and get school stuff. I didn't need much because I already have 100 of pens and pencils. But I till got some pretty cute things that I am gonna share with you guys in this article, enjoy!

I only have 3 books, so I decided to go for 3 big notebooks from the Action. As you can see I picked them really random. I think the one on the left is the cutest, it says ''Write Stuff & Things down''. It may be mostly school stuff that I will write down but the notebook is still really, really cute! The middle one is just pink with alligator print. However I am starting to think that the one on the right is for guys, but well who cares. 

My agenda is also from the Action. It's really simple and that's what I am going for this year, simple but effective. I bought a note book in the same colour which is really stupid ahah. But yeah, I will hopefully not take the wrong book to school. Later this week I went to Bruna and bought these two markers. I already have a lot of other colors but these two were missing. 
I think it helps a lot to study with markers because they help you remember a lot and it's also a lot of fun!

Further more, I bought colour pencils because I may need them at my new study (And I lovee drawing). These are from stabilo and also one of the best out there, they are a bit expensive but the quality is great! A Sharpener was also requiert and I also bought another pen. I have 100 pens already but I thought why not buy one more ahah. 

So guys this was my little back to school haul. I don't need much stuff because I have lots of school things from high school left in my room. And we will use a laptop most of the time anyway, so I am done for the whole year now ahah. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article, and I hope to see you back soon!

Check out my latest back to school video:


  1. Nice, I've got the same Agenda, haha.

  2. Awhh ik vind die collegeblokken zo cute! Heel veel succes met je studie xx


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