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Instead of going back into my childhood with the timemachine I decided to go back to the time when I started my blog. It was so funny to read my old articles again, It's been like 6 months but my blog and my articles have changed a lot. I also gained a lot of new readers, who have never read my first articles(not all of you), while others have (the oldies that had fate in me). So let's do a little throwback this time. 

The Introduction
Hello, first of all welcome to my blog. My name is Jennifer and I am 17 years old, I live in Holland and I started this blog because I actually like to share my passions, ideas, love and interests. Also I am in senior year and I am still thinking about what I'm going to do with my life. This blog hopefully will help finding myself and maybe discover new interests.

HAhaha okay, omg. So the link to the article is in the title but I decided to put a sneak peek 

 of the introduction here. So when I started my blog, I didn't know which college I wanted to

go too and what I wanted in my life. While now for a big part I know what I want and what I 

am going to do with my life.

How to deal with senior year

Senior year isn't a fun year for everyone. First I thought it couldn't be harder than the years before but now I am almost collapsing because off all the stress and things I have to learn and to do. Projects, exams and preparing for finals. Somehow I am still keeping it together and so I thought maybe I could share some of my tips with other (future) seniors on my blog. Helping you to keep it as much together as I am right now!

Omg I wrote this when I was a senior for like 5 months or something. Hahhaha, it's really funny to read it right now. I actually gave really good tips but I didn't use them all during finals. But however this is really a good article to check out if you are going to be a senior after summer break!

Playlist of the Month #1
I really love music, it helps me relax and I also love to listen to it. This is why I came up with something new. Playlist of the moment, an article about the music  I have been replaying a little bit too much this month.  
Let’s start with my number one for February

Aaand this is where the first playlist of the month was born! I came up with this because I noticed that my favourite songs always changed, so I decided to start an article serie about it. I love sharing my songs with you guys and I hope it will inspire you and introduce you to new music!

Brown Make-up review

If there’s one thing I love then it’s brown make up. When you have a dark skin tone, brown make up works mostly as  nude make up for you. And I have the luck that brown eye shadows, lipsticks and liners come in all shades of brown. So that’s  why I am making a special post about some items I have in a brown shade  and share them with you. I will also tell you a little about them.

My first make-up review eveerr. I directly reviewed a bunch of make-up items! I still own them all and I seriously still love those items. I am not going to spoil much, so if you want to know more about them just read the article *wink*. And oh omg the way I used to edit haahah

Today was such a sunny day so I couldn't resist taking a picture of my outfit. Or actually just half of it. However I came up with an idea for an article. 

I love Sundays because you have lots of free time and even when you are a senior just like me there are a lot fun things to do on a Sunday. So that's why I made a list of what Sundays are made for...

I don't remeber why I wrote this article ahah. I just wrote it. Maybe because I had some inspiration and I wanted do something different than other bloggers. Still a bit of a mystery.

We all have that secret love for the colour pink. Romantic, neon or just Barbie pink. Also wearing pink lipstick just gives you a warm and welcome look and awakes your girly self, most of the time. When you have a dark skin tone, pink is not the first colour you will choose to wear as a lipstick. However there are ways you  do can wear it and it will look amazing on you too! So I’ll tell you about my 2 favourite pink lipsticks and how I make them match with my skin tone easily. 

I still love this article. It's about how you can wear every shade of pink lipstick when you have dark skintone. But besides that I also reviewed the 2 lipsticks in the picture! It was so much fun, I hope to do this again sometime! :)

Oh well, this was already the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed it, because it's time to enter the time machine again and go back to August 2015. Please put your seatbelds on! Thank you so much for reading and tell me al about your favourite articles on this blog or if you ever read one of these. I am curious!

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  1. Hahah leuk om te zien! Grappig hoe snel je stijl veranderd en hoe snel je 'groeit' he .. Keep it up! X


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