Why you should try Garnier micellair cleansing water

TRING TRING, wake up loser it's time to read a new blogpost! If you don't stay awake you will miss lots of fun stuff! Anyway, I wanna  tell you guys something about my favourite make-up remover and why you guys should all buy it. Have you been doubting buying this product? Well, after reading this article you will doubt no more child.

1. It has super cleaning powers
Garnier micellair cleansing water is what I call, a miracle. It removes make-up like crazy and not only when you use it on your skin but also your mirror or table. It even removes make-up stanes from your clothes. I know that it's made for your skin but come on, there is 400ml of pure magic in it. Why not use it for more things than only your skin?

2. You can clean your brushes with it
I clean my brushes with water and shampoo, but of course sometimes they are not complitely clean and that's why I use Garnier Micellair cleansing water at the end of my cleaning party. I don't need much of the product to get my brushes perfectly clean after washing them with water. So this is a little tip for you guys to keep your brushes clean and get rid of all the germs.

3. It doesn't irritate your eyes
One thing that has always bottered me with eye make-up removers where how much it irritated my eyes. I am talking about that burning feeling you get after removing your eye make-up. I had it with almost every make-up remover but not with this cleansing water. It's actually really gentel to my eyes and I really need that because I also where contacts so my eyes already AINT RIGHT. 

4. It keeps your skin healthy
THIS PRODUCT MAKES MY SKIN FEEL SO SOFT. I am not joking, it's soo amazing!
It also keeps spots away like crazy and it seriously increases my skin condition. I think that I finally found my holycrail make-up remover. 

5. You get more for less (see what I did there)
I am doing 3 months with this product now and I'm still not half way there with it.
My bottle is still filled for 75% with cleansing water and I actually think that I will make it till february 2016 with this thing. You get so much product for only 6,99,- euros. I feel so stupid that I only discovered it now, all those waisted years!

6. It looks high end so just buy it
Look at that fine ass bottle, doesn't look drugstore at all does it? 

7. It's all you need
This bottle is for your whole freaking face, your eyes, lips and skin, EVERYTHING. So no need to buy seperated types of removers, this 400ml bottle full of unicorn love is all you need. It works perfectly on every part of your face and you just don't want anything else after using it. 

I hope you guys throw away all your other make-up removers and simply go for this baby because it is worth the money! WAY TO GO GARNIER, they actually came up with a product that seriously helps us girls and not increase the problem so that we need to buy more of there skin care products. I hope you enjoyed this article and don't forget to check out my give away and drop questions for the Q&A I want to do!


  1. I love the post Have a wonderful week dear:)


  2. Ik heb er toevallig eentje gehaald een paar weken geleden (voor de gevoelige huid)! Eerst nog mijn huidige reinigingsproducten opmaken, maar ik ben al benieuwd :D

    1. Er staat een parel op je te wachtten, dat kan ik je verzekeren ahah ^^

  3. I really need to get my hands on this, nothing but positives is all I've heard!


  4. Ah ik gebruik deze elke dag, maar wist niet dat ik hem ook kan gebruiken om mijn kwasten te reinigen! Thanks voor de tip girl! X


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