Review| Rimmel 60 seconds super shine nail polish +Q&A

Goodmorning sunshines, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. Today I will tell you about one of my presents I got for my birthday, the Rimmel super shine nailpolish in the color hot tropicana 407. It's a fresh pink and girly nail polish and I am going to tell you all the good and bad in this review. 

My view
I normally don't pay attention to Rimmel that much but I still really happy with this product because the colour was simply cute. I love the girly pink look, it kind of reminds me of mean girls. Pink is one of my favourite colors so I couldn't wait to use this tiny bottle of happiness. 

Using it
I think the brush was perfectly shaped so I didn't have any trouble applying the nail polish.
The substance was also great, it separeted easily on my nail and it also didn't smell horrible or anything. Because sometimes nail polish smells freaking horrible.

I loveeee how the color looks on my nails, love it! There is full coverage after the first layer and I also love the incredible finish of it. I actually think hot tropicana 407 is the perfect pink color, I mean it's not too soft but also not too harsh or neon-looking. 

Long lasting?
So most of the time my nail polish comes off after a day or two. But not this one, it stayed perfectly in place for 2 days. After that it started slightly falling off the edges of my nails but nothing else besides that happend. No big gaps in my nail polish, just a little come off at the end of my nails. I am still wearing this nail polish and it still looks perfectly fine, so it is freaking long lasting. WAY TO GO RIMMEL 60 SECONDS SUPER SHINE NAIL POLISH.

I am not going to do a ''why but it or why not buy it'' because it was a present so I think that's not necessarily. However my conclusion is that this is a great nail polish and I am seriously going to buy more of it when I have time. I think I am in love with rimmel nail polish, so that's all I am going to buy from now on. This nail polisj has like, no bad side ahah.

Question and Ask.
I didn't only wanna bother you guys with this marvelous review but also with something else.
I think it's fun to do a question and ask or something, because I never did anything like that before and I have been blogging for 6 months now. So ask me anything you want in the comments and I will awnser the questions in a Q&A next week!!!!!


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  1. Dat is wel een hele gave kleur! :)

  2. Love the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polishes! And congrats with getting into the college you want to do!! Question for the Q&A: Who's you're favourite singer/band? :)


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