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Olaaa my lovely girls, I finally graduated JEEJ! Alright I graduated days ago but last Thursday was my graduation ceremony. And because I am so amazing and I think of you guys a lot, I did a bit of a photoshoot for another Outfit of that day. So sit down, get yourself something to drink because it's a hot as hell.

First thought that I wanted to wear a dress with heels, but than I went to the city just for some friendly shopping and found this amazing white item. I matched everything around it and I was and still am really happy with the result. 

So the flowers are from my mum and the clutch is from Primark, like you already have read in this article. The shoes are from Supertrash and I have been in love with them for over a year. The top is from my favourite store called Zara, heaven for every fashionista. You can't really see them but I wore the same earrings as when I went to prom. I got them at Sascha, you can read about it more in this article. And last but not least I got the white beautiful, amazing, delicious, breath taking shorts from Zara. I just don't know how to tell you how I feel about this item, but it's just simply breath taking, I didn't think twice about buying it. 

So this was my OOTD from my graduationday, I finally have my diploma for higher secundary education or like the dutch call it, HAVO. And now it's time for new adventures, new colleges and new wisedom and things to learn. I am going to miss most of the people in high school and all those high school moments. But I gotta go now, happy sunday lovies and share your thoughts in the comments :)

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  1. Leuke outfit! Gaaf broekje ook!
    En je haar zit echt mooi :)

  2. Gefeliciteerd! Mooie outfit :)

  3. Congratulations!

    I love your outfit. It would definitely be unique for a graduation ceremony, and refreshing, in a way! It is also a better option, I think, for a ceremony that took place during the day (or at least while the sun was still in the sky) as yours seems to have been, fancier dresses are sometimes better for the evening.


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