Monthly moments July | Graduation, Dutch youtube channel & Birthdayparty

Ding dong, ding dong... It's time again for another monthly moments. July was a quite but also a bizzy month! I graduated, had my birthdayparty and did a lot of other cool stuff! Do you want to know how my month went and all about my special moments? Well than you better destroy the read more button.

I am going to switch things up a bit. Instead of showing you endless food pictures, I will just show a few pictures of every category! So check out my hot chocolate(jummy) and breakfeast!

Tiehieee, so as you can see I bought new heels from Primark and a new dress from Zara.
I also posted my gratuadtion outfit and after a few days I started with reading the hunger games. It took over my life, I can tell you that! I went too Amsterdam fashionweek and I took one shameless selfie (oops). I also had my birthdayparty during June but we had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. So this is only a before picture hahah. I got Xelly make-up for my birthday and it is actually a really good book, I will tell you more about it in an article soon. OH AND I  GOT INTO COLLEGE WHOOP. 

Some pictures of what I wore during July! 

I found a freaking parfume sample in a 4 year old magazine omg hahahah 
How did I miss that 4 years ago!

As you can read in this article, I went to Mercedez Benz Amsterdam fashion week this month and I had a lot of fun! I also vlogged my whole day!

On the blog
I started a Dutch youtube channel (My first video will air on Monday and explain everything)& my blog GIVE AWAY is also still running. Read about it in this article!

Picture of the month

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article and all my moments of July! I wonder what your special moments were during this month. Tell me all about it in the comments, I love reading them!


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