Mac Sin

Welcome back! So I will keep this intro short and mysterious because I am going to tell you all about my new dark lipstick, Mac Sin and I don't want to spoil anything.

This lipstick was on my number one buy-list since I've seen it on VeraCamilla. It's all I look for in a lipstick. Dark, brown but also a but red. I think it has something mysterious. I also love the box, I know that all the mac lipstick boxes are the same but I think it suits Sin even more. 
I could look at this lipstick a full day because of how gorgeous it looks!

The lipstick has a creamy structure and is great in use. It doesn't make my lips dry and it's highly pigmented which I love! I think that pigment is the most important thing about a lipstick and this one just has it all. I also think this colour really suits my skintone, looking all dark and mysterious. Kind of reminds me of vampires ahah. 

This lipstick also lasts really long and of course it comes a bit off when you eat or drink but that's just a little bit. But taking it off is a different story because it's quite hard, anyway using garnier cleansing water will make the job a bit easier. 

I can't really call this a review because I am just telling you about my new lipstick I really, really love. I got it as an graduation present and I AM SO HAPPY with it, it's unreal. Gonna do a special make-up look with it soon, I promise! 

So I really like this lipstick, it suits me and I don't even have to use a lipliner to increase the pigment it's simply perfect! It also doesn't make my lips dry and I think it's just simply stunning! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article and till next timeee!

Love, Jennifer


  1. Ahhh, ik ben echt verliefd op deze lipstick! Ik wil hem binnenkort gaan bestellen. Hij staat je erg mooi! :)

    1. Dankjewel! Moet je zeker doen hij is echt hemels, soms kijk ik er echt naar van ''where have you been al my life D; ''


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