Amsterdam Fashionweek

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to tell you about the Amsterdam Fashion week because I was invited to show of Monique Collignon. She is a well known Haute Couture designer in my country, so I was really trilled about going to her fashionshow. 
Wanna know how it went? Well than read further. 

Oh and don't forget to read till the end because I am doing a fun giveaway!

Let me first tell you that there will also be a vlog online soon about this day, so I am not telling you everything yet (muahaha). Anyway, I went with the train to Amsterdam where it was and at first there was a pre-party outside. There were lots of things to drink and lots of celebs but I didn't find it really appropriate to ask for a picture with them. Afterall I was there for the fashionshow.

It was a beautiful venue and the staff was really friendly. The place where they did the show (inside) was really big but beautiful and it actually gave me goosebumps ahah. Also we had pretty good seats and the show was opened by Ovo a dutch topmodel. I loved how first Monique her voice opened the show by talking about where she got the inspiration from and than the models started appearing. The dresses where beautiful and the fabric looked so nice. I loved how she combined normal fabrics with recycled plastic bottles. And the models where soo diverce, like from so many background, so not just a basic white model army. 
It was really special and such an honor to be there. Monique Collignon seriously did a great job on her fall collection. 

I filmed the show, so stay tuned for my vlog that will be up soon!
My clothes:
Jacket: Made and Designed by my brother
Dress: Mango
Shoes: Bershka
Clutch: Primark


  1. Oh wat zou ik daar ook graag heen willen! & Ik doe natuurlijk mee met je winactie, wat leuk! Ik volg je via Bloglovin' en Instagram :) Mijn Instagram is @theblognextdoor.

  2. He wat leuk! Ik was ook op fashionweek maar kon helaas niet bij deze show zijn. Jammer genoeg kan ik niet meedoen aan de give-away, ik ben een beetje allergisch voor maskertjes helaas. x

    1. Aaah Jammer, de show was wel echt bijzonder ^^

  3. Wat gaaf dat je bij de Fashionweek was! Leuke foto's :-)

  4. Ahh leuke winactie! Ik heb alles gedaan ook de extra stappen :)
    (Instagram: annickdejong_ en de rest is op mijn eigen naam)

  5. Echt heel tof dat je daar heen bent geweest. En wat ontzettend leuk dat je een winactie doet, ik doe natuurlijk graag mee! Ik volg je op bloglovin, instagram (liefsJonne) en youtube, en ik heb ook je facebook pagina geliked. E nu maar hopen, fingers crossed!
    Liefs. Jonne


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