You know you're a movie addict when...

Welcome back to the 77th annual hunger games may the odds be ever in your favor, alright I am joking and I tried to type an original introduction to this article which has failed completely. So let's just get straight to the point shall we? This article will be about how to recognise a movie addiction. Or discover one in yourself, I know how because I am addicted to movies and I will now share my knowledge with you. Are you worthy of it? I doubt that, but well I am not the bad guy here so I will share it anywayyy

You know you're a movie addict when

1. You have more than 1 3D-glass
This is not only a sign of movie addiction but also of cinema addiction especially 3d movies. I may not be a big fan of 3d but unfortunately my cinemas show all the action and sci-fi movies I want too see only in 3d or imax 3d. This caused me to have lots of 3d glasses from several years and cinema's. I could start a 3d glasses shop myself 

2. You get emotionally attached to the characters
If you like movies, you are perfectly save and fine but if you love them and watch them a lot, you may aswell buy yourself a lifelong stock of tissues. I don't know why but I slowly just get emotionally involved with the main character or a character I like. I mean I cry when they die and I like them or if a movie is really good you can read so many different expressions from my face everytime something happens. I am so into the movie than, literally. 

3. You downloading the sountrack 
Falling in love with the soundtrack or just the background music. It happens to all of us, but only the real cray crays actually download the background music and listen to it like it's One Direction slaying the charts. 

4. You read the book to know more about the movie
Yess I am guilty of that, I started reading the Hunger games because I wanted more background information on the movies. Of course this only counts if the movie was first a book but wow how the hunger games books fucked me up it's unreal. After reading them and watching the movies again my view on the movies totally changed. Only Catching fire was amazing and just like the book but the others wear crap so far. Can't wait for Mocking Jay part 2 thought. 

5. You watch popcorn time more than once a week
This doesn't even need an explanation. Real movie addicts will know that popcorn time or HBO is the place to be. The place where all the magic happens and our dreams come true, that's all I can say. 

6. You would rather be in their world than your own. 
I think there's something really wrong with you if you would rather live in Panem than in your own cosy home. But I perfectly understand the fact that we all prefer Hogwarts instead of our own school of misery and judgemental people. Movies are a kind of escape to another world, away from reality. Someone's thoughts on screen, something that facinates me a lot.

And this is already the end of my wisdom, sorry. However I don't think that I can be the next ghandi or Nobel prise winner for the most relatable articles. But at least I tried cheering you up and stuff. I hope you liked this article as much as I like you guys and till next time mothafishersss


  1. Great post! Lovely blog you have

    Have a nice weekend


  2. Hey ik reageer even zo op je vraag over de bloglovin button anders zie je het niet. Dat is gewoon de nieuwe button van bloglovin, als je naar hun website gaat staat hij daar wel en kun je hem toevoegen aan je blog. Succes!

  3. Nummer 2! Dat heb ik ook altijd!

  4. Hahah, leuke post! Ik ben niet een movie-addict, maar wel een boekenwurm. Nummer 2 en 6 heb ik ook met boeken en voor nummer 4 geldt dat ik de film bekijk omdat ik het boek zo leuk vond! X

  5. Hehe, I can relate to number two and six! I can get really attached to the characters in TV shows, too.


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