Schiesser Aqua swim fashion 2015 + Why you don't need that bikinibody

Summer is hereee and I hope you guys all have had a nice start of the week. I actually forgot to post an article on Monday I am sorry! But there were still lots of things to read on my blog, so I hope it kept you guys a bit bizzy that day. Anyway, the weather is amazing in my country and that means that I am most likely to go swimming soon. However you can't swim without a nice bikini or bathingsuit and that's why I am going to tell you about the new Schiesser Aqua swimfashion collection of 2015. Oh and I will also tell you beauties, why you don't need that bikini body to enjoy the summer!

Schiesser who?
Schiesser is the biggest German underwear specials of this time. The company had been here for almost 135 years and well I think that's a pretty long time. That's a lot of teenagers right? It's a high end brand for the young people and the older people among us. Quantety and natural aspects are there main focus and of course making lovely bikini's which I will tell you more about in this article!

Schiesser Aqua Sea Breeze
This beautiful bathingsuite of Schiesser Aqua has a sporty but kind of girly look. They are also pretty awesome for the more busty girls with there pre-formed cups. I think the red and blue gives it a stylish look but it's still a bit sporty. And look at that cute bow!

Schiesser Aqua Pacific Resort
However I still prefer bikinis and this brings me to the Schiesser Aqua Pacific Resort bikini's!
The bikini has different but matching shades and would be perfect on darker skin tones. You can also wear the bikini in different ways and you can also take of the straps. Not to forget the blue printed bikini's you can mix and match with in different ways! 

Badpak Schiesser Aqua Sea Breeze: € 69,95.
Bikini Schiesser Aqua Pacific Resort: € 65,95.

You can shop them on  and also find stores located in your city!

Why we can wear these bikini's without having that bikini body
There is no such thing as a perfect bikini body! If you are thin with maybe no curves or a big with maybe more curves than you want yourself, it will still look amazing on you because you are rocking it with what you have and that's enough. Don't forget that most bikini models are fotoshopped and they also have their issues and there insecurities! If you are missing a leg or an arm, please don't give up on wearing swimsuits or bikini's in your life ever again. It's not what you don't have that counts, it's what you have! Try rocking your summer body with all your confidence and nobody will notice that you don't have an arm or that you have a tummy or that you don't have boobs or anything like that. They will admire you instead because you accept yourself the way you are and that's actually all that should matter to you. 


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