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Oh wow, I am a little late with posting today but hey, there is still an article now right? I wont post a video today because I was a bit bizzy this week and I had no time to film. However I decided to do a fun post about all the outfits I posted on instagram. I know that now everyone on my blog follows my instragram so not every each of you know that I am addicted to outfit posts on my instagram. Anyway, let's get this party starteed!

22 march 2015
This wasn't my first outfit post but I deleted lots of my instagram pictures so the ones left are all from 2015. I remember that this was in the weekend and I just felt like taking a selfie like this. 
Clothes: Cardigan(primark) Scarf(The sting) Jeans(Pull and bear) Shoes(Timberlands)

20 May 2015
Aaaah this was one of the best days of my life! The last day of finals and my last school day. I decided to go for a comfi outfit and I actually think it looked kind of cute
Clothes: Sweather (Mango) Shoes(converse) Thights(Can't remember, but you will find them in Narnia I guess) Bag(My Zara favvvv)

30 May 2015
The day after prom ieeeks. I am not even wearing make-up and my clothes are pretty simple to be honest. Anyway I got addicted to my prom clutch and now I am taking it almost everywhere. 
Clothes: Longsleeved shirt(The lady sting) Furthing(Mango) Jeans(Zara) Shoes(Converse)
Clutch(Primark) Sunglasses(Paris)

1 June 2015
The countdown for my birthday has started yeah! My birthday is on 30 june but that's not really important now. This is actually my prom outfit and I posted it a few days after prom. There is not much to say about this though, only that I miss this day soooo bad!
Clothes: Dress(H&M) Shoes(Bershka) Clutch(Primark)

4 June 2015
This wasn't really a special day, I went to the city and I was feeling myself hahah. However I switched the shoes just before I actually went outsite, I decided to wear my prom heels and not these wedges.
Clothes: Blouse(The sting) Jeans(Zara) Shoes(Bershka, they have the best heels!)

5 June 2015
I think this is an outfit posts and if you don't agree with me, well than you can go back to Narnia bye. I took this one after I bought this amazing top at primark, I am so in love with it! I do not always succees at primark and I actually don't a lot there but I find something I really find something that's amazing! And look at my curly hair!
Clothes: Jeans(H&M) Necklass(Primark) Crop top(Primark)

So these were my outfits that I posted on instagram! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe after a while I will do another one if you guys want too. I wish you all a lovely and sunny day and week and I will try to upload a video next sunday! See ya laterz alligatorz


  1. Fantastic post dear!

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  2. Cute outfits! I actually really like your outfit after prom even though it's simple! x

  3. Wauw, de clutch op de derde foto is super mooi!

  4. Amazing post dear!


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