My brothers fashionshow

Bieb boeb bieb, heey there welcome back! Yesterday I had such a fun time at my brothers senior fashionshow. He is graduating college as a fashiondesigner this year and yesterday he showed his design in an amazing show! Wanna go on a ride and look at the pictures with me?

I do not write reports very often or at all but I felt like sharing this with you guys because I am so so so proud and I simply can't stop sharing his designs. So this is the place it all happend.

First we had to wait in a huge hall with sofa's and bars full of drinks. But I didn't take any pictures of that place so you have to use your imagination. After waiting half an hour we could finally enter the theater hall. It was so so huge, look at the picture below.

First the juniors and the second and third years showed there own designs. But after the break it was time for the seniors to shine and my brother slayed it so well, I can't even explain. The seniors needed to use models while the other years wore there own clothes.
Also the seniors had to make more than one peace clothing. My brother made six, MOST OF THEM ALL. 

First year

Second year

Third year
The team for theme was Avant garde

Few of the seniors. 
Each with there own theme and creativity

My brother was the last one and the best one, I am not even sorry for saying that (ahaha)
See for yourself:

There is also a video of his designs but blogger won't let me upload it. So his designs wear inspired by water and I am so impressed and proud of him. I know he is gonna make it big, I don't need to look into the future for that! Can't deny we are kind of a fashion family, but I hope you enjoyed my little report and I wish you all an amazing weekend!

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  1. Je broer heeft ook het beste design! De rest vind ik allemaal op elkaar lijken, de laatste springt er echt uit!


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