Monthly moments June | Pizza, Fashionshow & Graduation

Omg I am already writing my monthly moments for June wauw. This month went so fast, but maybe because I have vacation. Anyway, today I will share my monthly moments June with you lovelies. It was a bizzy month but I enjoyed every second of it, step in the car and lets go for a ride! 

First of all yesterday was my birthdaaay, so that means I am 18 years old now :O It went soo fast jesus christ!

 I am going to start with my food pictures of this month! Salads, scones and fruit, it's all in it!

A lot of instagram this time. But that's just because I am addicted to it.

As you can see I graduated high school and got my diploma for Higher Secondary Education. Or like the dutch call it, 'HAVO'. 

Here you can see my production pictures for another review and me chilling in a park. It was a really hot day and I didn't feel like staying inside. ALSO Marijn came back from Jakarta (she is a model) in June! Missed here so much but she is with us again, thank god. 

Because I GRADUATED I got Mac sin from my parents! I was so happy it's unreal, I love this lipstick and there will be a review up soon! I also started reading the hunger games and I read all 3 books in 1 week (BING READING). They fucked me up though.

Below you can see me wearing Mac sin ( I also curled my hair) and my hot chocolate picture. That pizza picture was before the hot chocolate picture though. I went for a pizza dinner with my friend and after that we went to the annual school play. I really had a great time. 

I went to my brothers gratudation fashionshow. And it was sooo much fun. The day after that Marijn and I had a movie day and we watched G.B.F and Crazy, stupid, Love. 

I am so proud of my brother who won second place at the Tilburg Fashion awards with his designs! I also filmed my first shoplog ever and I did an outfit of today post on instagram again (ahah). And my first get ready with me came online on June 29.

In this article you can read about my brothers fashionshow I went too.

My first get ready with me aired this month and I also filmed my first shoplog!
I also reached 72 followers on my blog and 27 subscribers on youtube! (wow)

I bought a lot of stuff that will be futured in my shoplog soon! :)

Picture of the month! :D
I love these shoes, nothing else to say.

I hope you guys enjoyed my article, let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy your holiday or schoolday or vacation ahah and I hope too see you back soon here in my little world! 

Did you have special moments in June?


  1. Ohh, die wafel ziet er heel lekker uit haha. Gefeliciteerd met je diploma! :)


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