Nothing else to say in the introduction than that I GRADUATED!!!!

I normally don't post on Saterdays but this time I just wanted to let you all know that I graduated high school and got my diploma! Higher secondary education or HAVO like they say it in my country. I am so happy! In july I will know if the college I want to attend has accepted me and than a whole new life will start and I am excited but scared at the same time! In this article you can read all about my college interview, I really want to study advanced business creation which is only given in that college. 

Oh and these weare my end grades ( At the right you can see the end grades that will appear on my diploma and the total of finals and all the exams and in the middle you can see the grades I got during finals and at the right you can see the total grades of this years exams)
From top to bottom:
Art and Art history
Examproject ( I build a website to make english easier for children aged 12 till 15 years old)

I hope you all had a nice day because thursday was a nice day for me for sureeeee.
I am sooo happyyy! All the loveee


  1. Congratz babe, en je cijferlijst is on point!

  2. Wow super goed! Gefeliciteerd :D

  3. Gefeliciteerd! Mooie cijfers heb je gehaald zeg! En ik hoop voor je dat je wordt toegelaten, ik hoor in juli pas of ik ben toegelaten.


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