Big Bourjois review part 2 | Liner pinceau

Helloo Muffins! How are you guys? I hope you are all trilled for part 2 of the big Bourjois make-up review! This time I will review the Bourjois liner pinceau. This is also my first Bourjois eyeliner, so I was really excited to try it and share it with you guys! Have a blast reading!

So you have may seen this eyeliner already in part 1 of this article serie or in my shoplog.
But now I will finally pay more attention to it (haha!). I really like the design of the liner, it has something mysterious and it really fits the mascara. While they are from 2 different collections. It's simple but not too simple and a bit high and looking. I really like that.

So the pencil is really thin and lightweight. It does not have to much liquid on it when you get it out of the box. It looks clean and thigh and as you can see in the picture no fall out even when you hold it in the air for a while. I also really like the way it works, it's smooth and it draws proper lines. 

The liqued test & does it last 16 hours?
So of course I swatched this baby and I can tell you that I am actually really happy about this eyeliner. It's a matt black colour and it's actually really black as you can see on my skin. Even on my eyes the blackness shows perfectly. But however this eyeliner doesn't dry really quick. On the left picture below you can see the effect of me opening and closing my eye after a few minutes. Not a quick dryer as you can see. However I am still happy about the matt result, this is a perfect eyeliner for the ones with hooded eyes. 

The eyeliner also draws perfect tin and thick lines. It also lasts really long but these days mostly all eyeliners do if they don't come in touch with water. So I don't think that's really special.

Why you should buy this eyeliner
- It's ultra black!
- If you don't think 12,99,- is expensive 
- It dries up matt 
- You can use it several ways
- smooth pencil
- Not much fall out
- If you know how to use a liquid eyeliner
- It has a beautiful design

Why you should not buy this eyeliner
- Doesn't dry quick so if you are in a hurry, this will mess up your make-up
- If you think 12,99 is way to expensive for an eyeliner
- If you can't get along with a liqued eyeliner
- If you want sparkles in your eyeliner

So far my review on the Bourjois liqued liner pinceau! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and maybe I convinced you to buy it or not, I don't know. However I love this eyeliner and I am happy that I bought it because I am already using it a lot! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and what your favourite eyeliner is! SEE YAA

*No marshmellows wear harmed during the making of this review.


  1. Ziet er inderdaad goed uit! Gebruik zelf altijd die van Catrice omdat het lekker budget is haha. Maar deze ziet er wel beter uit wat penseel betreft (:


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