Big Bourjois review part 1

Pam padam pam padam pam padaaaaam, ladies and ladies welcome to the first big review of this year! I call it a big review because I will review two products of the same brand in two parts, so in two different articles! As you may already have seen in my shoplog, I bought these two beauties a few days ago! And today I will start with reviewing the Bourjois volume glamour ultra black mascara, it's a new one. 

Damn I am digging this design like wow. I love how it's simple but curvy and a bit mysterious. It makes you think like, what's inside? Mascara of just a funfair of madness? You will never know untill you buy the glamorous thing. I think they did a great job on the design and it looks like some high end brand for sure!  Way to go Bourjois! Not to forget that this is my first Bourjois mascara everrr.

I am used to using a those traditional hair mascara brushes. I don't really know how to call them, but this time I went for a plastic brush. It's not really special and actually just a regular mascara brush. However I think that because it's simple it makes the whole thing a lot more mysterious. Oh, and just look at that hot marshmellow trying to steal the spotlight away from the mascara, what an attention seaker.

Does it volumnize my lashes?
Of course this mascara doesn't give me the falslash affect but I can tell you that it's however still pretty awesome. The substance is fine and the brush really separates my eyelashes after applying a third layer. In the picture I only did two, to show you the effect you get without lashcurlers or any type of cordination. This mascara does make my eyelashes a lot longer after applying more than three layers and it gives a bit of volume. Not that much but a bit. I think it would have been better if they called it ''Lengte glamour not so ultra black'' because I have blacker mascaras. My lashes are already black of course but I still see a lot of difference with my other mascaras looking at the blackness. Do I smell a battle? Hmm we will see.

Why you should buy this mascara
- It gives a lot of lengte to my eyelashes!
- it's 11.95 euros so not that expensive
- It doesn't give you any type of spider legs even after five layers(been there)
- It's a nice mascara for people starting with make-up
- Nice design
- The brush size is perfect and not to big but also not to small.

Why you should not buy this mascara
- It's not really that black
- Not that much volume
- You need too apply more than two layers to separate your lashes more
- If you think 11,95 euros is too expensive
- If you want a really black mascara and your lashes aren't black already

So that was it for today, hopefully you liked it! No marshmellows wear harmed during the making of this review. They all got a fair place in the spotlight and they didn't get eaten or anything. I rewarded them with a holidaycheque to the bin! See ya soon lovelies! 


  1. de mascara klinkt niet zo! maar je hebt een fijne review geschreven. x

  2. Hmm, ik ben nog niet helemaal enthousiast. Vind je review wel erg leuk! :)
    En wat een leuke blog heb je, ik ga je volgen.


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