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Hii there queens, lately I came across a lot of childhood stuff. TV shows, candy and all kind of different Gameboys. This inspired me to write a new serie of articles about all the things we had in our childhood. Or let me say something a 90s kid would recognise. So today in back in time I will talk about my favourite tv shows I used to watch when I was younger. 
Wanna go back in time with me?

What's with Andy
One of my most favourite shows was what's with Andy for sure! I always watched it on Jetix and it was so funny! The show was about Andy, a regular teenage boy that loved pranking other people! Andy was there way before all those youtube prank channels and I loved him te most. I always used to watch this with my brothers and we used to sing all the songs that where futured in this show. I also watched every episode, so I can call myself a diehard fan.

This show is so old and I don't know if I remember all of it but I used to watch this when I was like 4 or 5. I even needed to look on Wikipedia to remember what is was all about. WunschPunsch is about 2 wizards who have to terrorise the city with a spell. They have one big boss that reminds them every episode of their task and the main goal is to keep the spell on the city permanently. Of course they failed every episode and I just loved watching this when I was a kid. 

Lizzyie McGuire
Hilary duff is a grown ass woman now with her own amazing career. She also starred in Gossip girl (fangirl moment) but I remeber her as Lizzie from Lizzie McGuire. One of my favourite teen shows. I may may not have been a teen that time but I enjoyed watching this so so so much. When I look back now I think the show was an amazing representation of the actual teenage life and the concept was simply great. I am thinking about rewatching the episodes because I never saw them in the right order and I actually never saw all the episodes. 

Shaman King
When I was younger they not only showed amazing cartoons but also lots of animas on TV. Unfortunately they don't do this anymore, but one of my favourite animas was Shaman King. It had a quit simple concept about a boy that was chosen to be the Shaman King. It's quit hard to explain what the show is about but I know I always got so excited because of the intro and the whole story was so fascinating. 

If you don't know this one well than we can't be friends sorry. Okay, I am joking but I would be pretty disappointed because this was one of the biggest shows of all time. Yu-Gi-Oh is about a skinny boy that always gets picked on until he find an old Egyptian puzzle with a farao ghost in it that appears when he puts the puzzle together. The ghost is called Yami Yug and he will help Yugi the entire series to improve himself and help others. I remember buying the cards of this show and playing the duels with my friends, it's sad that today's generation will never experience that amazing feeling. Damn Iphones! 

I am one myself but back in the days it seemed like the most horrible thing on the planet. I am talking about braces! But lucky enough we had this TV show that told us that it wasn't that bad at all and you could even have a boyfriend wearing braces. Sharon went throught almost every aspect of the teenage life in this show and I wish they could show it on tv again because you can actually learn from this show.

I never ever noticed that it wasn't really natural what I was watching untill I was a little bit older but wow what a show was Cat Dog. It was so funny and I remember watching all the fun marathons off this show. The show is simply about a Cat and Dog that are connected to eachother and go on several adventures. There was never really a storyline but I enjoyed it anyway! 

Of course I watched way more shows when I was little. However if I would put them all here you wouldn't finish reading untill you were eighty so I kept it short. Let me know in the comments which one you recognise or what your favourite tv shows were back in the days. 
Let me now bring you back to the future and pick you up later for another back in time with me! Byee byee.


  1. Haha super leuk!! Braceface & Lizzy McGuire waren echt mijn favs! X

  2. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  3. Ahh leuk! Nostalgie haha. Ik keek ook heel vaak Dexter's Laboratory/Ed, Edd and Eddy/Cow and Chicken/Courage the Cowardly Dog etc.

    1. Oooh ja die ik keek ik ook altijd op cartoon network! Geweldig!

  4. Amazing post dear!


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