Tutorial | Natural / short hair prom look

Hiii, yesss it's prom season and I know you guys have already seen my prom eyelook but now I also came up with a hair tutorial. But not just some hair tutorial, a hair tutorial where I use my natural hair to create 2 lovely styles you could wear to your prom. My own prom is soon, so thats also where I got the idea from to do it. Oh and before you click on 'read more' this look also containes no use of heat! YEAH.

So I used rollers to roll up my hair but I wasn't planning to make a
 post out of that so I didn't make a picture of that, sorry! But I used these ones and rolled my hair away from me, so that it would curl. No need for any heat and I had them in for like 3 hours and there was already a nice result, which you can see below. 

Style 1:
Headband hobo:
Forgive me for the crazy name, I wanted to make it more interesting for you guys.
Alright so I curled my hair and the next step was just putting a headband on my head and cropping the hair in the back a bit in it. 

Style 2:
I put half of my hear in a bun and thann I took a part of the hair at the front and attached it with bobby pins to the back on both sides(left foto). And that was all actually. I left some curly parts at the front and created a simpel prom look. If you don't like the bun you can also attach all of your hair with bobby pins or a hairclip.

I hope you liked my post! I have only 3 days left untill finals are over so I am studying harder than I ever did before and I hope everything goes well! I also wonder how many of you are atending a prom this month?


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