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Hii muffins! How are you guys? I am happy to tell you that this is my first (budget) eyeshadow tutorial! It was quite hard to decide which look I would show you guys, but I decided to do a prom make up look. It's a look with mostly blue colours that make my brown eyes pop more. I actually used to wear this look to school but you can also wear it for your prom ofcourse! I mean it's quit eyecatching isn't it. Curious about how to make this look? Well it's not that difficult or expensive, so take a look!


Step 1:
Take the essence long lasting eye pencil and colour your entire eyelid with it.

Step 2:
Blend the blue colour a bit out with brush 1 and than use a grey shade(left) to blend it further into your grease with brush 2. ( My eyes are really hooded so I blended it a lot more up).

Than you need to take brush 3 and apply a bit of the dark blue shade on the left side of your eyelid and blend it a little bit up your grease but not too much.

Also use the light blue shade on the right side (I forgot to heart that one ,oops) of the dark blue shade and dab that one lightly on right side of your eyelid with brush 1.

stap 3
Blend your grease softly until the colours combine and add a little shimmer at the inner corner of your eyes to make them more open. If you think it all looks to light you can apply more of the grey colour in your grease and blend it out. 

Apply mascara and thight line your upper waterline with a black eye pencil. You can also add eyepencil to your lower waterline ( I do overdraw it a little bit because my waterline is almost invisible).

Extra: You could add some eyeliner if you want too. 
I made my wing a bit low. And I also started with drawing at the outer corner of my eye, so my eyes would look bigger. 


Products I used:

  • brush 1: Came with the sleek palette
  • brush 2: Essence
  • brush 3 & 4: Hema
  • Essence long lasting eye pencil 09 cool down (great pigment!)
  • Sleek palette The Original 594
  • Sleek palette Storm 578
  • Essence Snow Jam eye shadow sorbet
  • NYC Big bold curl mascara
  • Essence long lasting eye pencil 01 black fever
  • Essence eyeliner pen extra long lasting

Eyebrow pencil from sleek (I apologize for my out of tone eyebrows, they gave up on me that day)
Maybelline baby lips, Cherry Me
Top: Zara

As you can see I haven't used any fake lashes or apply lots of mascara. I think that's something you have to decide for yourself and I think it also would distract you a bit from the eyelook. But I hope you guys still like it!


  1. Mooi gedaan! Dat zilver-blauwe staat je goed, zeg! ^^

  2. Die kleur staat je erg leuk! :)

  3. Leuke make-up look en wat een mooie kleur blauw. Staat je erg goed!

  4. Nice look! looks great!!! :)


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