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Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you all have been doing well. My finals are over so I can write proper articles again now. I missed that for sure. Today I will show you my new palette, the Revolution awesome eyeshadow collection complete with swatches and a nice review! Enjoy reading.

At first I will tell you a bit about what I think of the whole design of the Revolution awesome eyeshadow collection. I think it looks really nice and simple and you can easily see which colours the palette has. Also the way the colours are combined and I really love the whole brown side , the darker side and at the end the more colourful side of the palette. The design of it is simply amazing and I just enjoy looking at my palette without even doing anything with it. 

Also the little mirror is so cute! Check out the pictures below! (I still haven’t removed those applicators haha) 

I like how many brown nude colours there are in the Revolution palette. I was looking for new ones because the ones in my sleek palette are almost done and this is just a perfect alternative. So many colours and so many ways to use them. I feel like a child in a big fantasy playground with this eye shadow collection! It also contains a lot of matt colours and oh boy how I love math colours! I mean shine is alright but I need matt colours for my hooded eyes. It will make my eyes look less hooded and it does much more for me than shimmer colours do! So I am also really happy with the big choice in matt colours!

Well, of course I swatched the Revolution awesome eye shadow collection palette and took many pictures! It wasn’t easy and I even asked people on snapchat to help me. However I made it till the end, alive. I found the matt colours a bit bad but there were also nice pigmented ones and the shimmer colours where on point like wow. But somewhere also a bit less pigmented. There was a lot of variation in the Revolution palette, I can tell you that. But just remember if you can see it on my dark skin, that means the pigment is amazing!  So judge for yourself. I swatched from top to bottom, right to left on my arm (I know it's the most stupid way to do it but it happend, my bad). 

As you can see I was looking for the right light and place and I found it at the end. So that was also stupid, sorry for that. I found the darker colours the best pigmented and also the more shiny colours. I think there are lots of exotic colours in the  and also a kind of NAKED Urban decay dupes in it. So for 10 euros it's quit a nice palette ( way to go Revolution!). The colours are amazing but the pigment is not always very good. However I am still in love with this palette and making eyes hadow looks with it is also not that difficult. The colours blend very well, and I actually like this palette and I am already using it 90% of the time so it's a yes for me! Revolution did a great job for sure!


Why you should buy the Revolution awesome eye shadow collection
  • It has 100 colours in it!
  • It contains matt colours (awesome!)
  • Nice exotic colours
  • The colours blend really well
  • It's only 10 euros
  • The pigment is quite good, depends on the colours but 75% is well pigmented
  • It has a beautiful design
  • creamy substance

Why you should not buy the Revolution awesome eye shadow collection
  • Size of the palette
  • Maybe 10 euros is too much for you.
  • Not all the colours are well pigmented. So if you want a palette with colours that are all great pigmented than I shouldn't buy this one if I was you.
  • If you don't like shimmers, because almost 65% of the colours are shiny.

So, I hope you liked my review and enjoyed all my fails (haha). I give this palette a 8 because of the mostly good pigmented colours and the reasonable price. I can also make nice eye shadow looks with it ( I mostly post them on my twitter or instagram). See you soon!


  1. Mooi palette! Ik heb het al vaker gezien, maar ik ga het zelf niet kopen.
    Het lijkt mij best onhandig! :-)

    1. Door de grote kan je hem inderdaad niet in een hand stabiel vasthouden, dus ik zit altijd als ik hem gebruik :') Want meestal doe ik staand mijn make-up.

  2. wauw gaaaf echt mooie kleuren ook

  3. WAUW ik had niet verwacht dat de pigmentatie zo ongelofelijk mooi zou zijn ;o

  4. I adore left side of the palette and it is great that there are matte shades

  5. Ahh de derde en laatste rij zijn echt mijn favo! Helaas zit ik nog in mijn no-buy. Maar zo heb je tenminste wel een hoop kleurtjes er bij. MUR brengt zo veel nieuwe producten uit elke maand, het is niet meer bij te houden. Golden Lights (highlighter) raad ik je echt aan. Zou ook zo mooi staan op jouw huidskleur!

    1. Aaah dankjewel voor de tip! Ik ga zeker even kijken, want ik zoek nog naar de juiste highlighter :)

  6. Mooi palette! De pigmentatie ziet er ook goed uit!


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