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Heey, welcome back! If you follow me on Instagram you know that last Monday I went to the new Avengers movie, AGE OF ULTRON. If you don't well I feel sorry for you, because you missed out. At least now you do know! I have been waiting for this movie for ages(Ironic), so you don't even know how happy I was when it came out. I am not saying Monday was one of the best days of my life, but Monday was one of the best days of my life. So there was no doubt about me sharing this heavenly experience here on my blog. CURIOUS?  I hope you didn't even read that and clicked 'read more' right after the words 'The Avengers'. Enjoy!

(This post may contain spoilers, so if you have seen the movie it's safe, if you simply don't care well than it's also safe)

I LOVE all the marvel movies, especially the ones about Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America etc. So the Avengers is like my ultimate dream movie, I have watched the first one over 10 times and I still can talk hours about it. You guys know I love and adore sci-fi movies and all that kind of stuff. Romantic movies or chick flick ( mean girl not included) just don't apply to me in anyway so basically I am the perfect girlfriend. Joking, so let's get back to my movie day. So I went to the cinema with my friends in the morning. I planned the rest of my day to learn exams but ended up shopping for prom (oops). There were lots of trailers, commercials etc. Alright, his chapter is boring please continue to the next one where the action starts.

How my heart fell out of my chest.
I will first tell you what this movie is about. Long story short: Tony Stark builds a robot that turns evil and wands to destroy mankind because he sees that as the only way to save mankind. Sounds logic, right? Anyway, this movie doesn't start with a nice chit chat, no it starts with a right in the face action scene that made my heart almost collapse. But it was so amazing! I almost wanted to join them, because damn they were working so well together. They were litarelly squat goals! I was so into that shit, I am sorry I will use some swearing words because how else will I express my feelings? Anyway, I am not going too spoil much from this scene only that Thor looked amazing and cute like always and there was also a funny joke that will continue during the entire movie. I almost laughed my ass of oh my god. 

The movie itself
I loved how Avengers had serious things in it but also some humour that was so on point, I can't even explain. Black Widow looked lovely as always and is also the only female Avenger. They gave us a little bit more information of her back story in this movie and wow it was so touching! For the first time  I actually saw her show a bit of her sad feelings. Oh and there is also a nice new love couple popping up in this movie that includes the hulk, which my friend didn't ship but I shipped it diehard because they were perfect together. I also love how each avenger got enough screen time and some  other character that they brought in from the other movies like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. Thor was also funny as fuck, I just had to address that. So the movie itself was in great balance, but even if it wouldn't be in great balance I would not even see it because I am already so obsessed and far up their marvel world that I immediately like all of their Avengers related movies. But if it was really bad, well then I would have told you. 

Things I loved
I loved quick silver and his weird sister which name I can't remember but now that I've looked it up, she is called Scarlet Witch. But they called her Wanda in the movies. Their powers were so special and their story was also so touching. But it's sad that they were the bad guys in the first place and caused the mess. But without them Ultron wouldn't exist in the first place and if that had happend, there would have been no movie, so do you hear me complain? Nope. Captain America and Tony Stark (Iron Man) were hilarious together as always. They may act a bit like they don't really like each other and Tony mocks Captain all the time, but deep down inside they care so much for each other and that's just so damn cute! Hawkeye got so much screen time I loved that so much, because I felt like he was a bit overshadowed in the first movie by the other members. But they solved it and gave him a great story that almost brought tears to my eyes. Amazing!
This may sound weird but I actually loved Ultron. I think that he wasn't really the bad guy but just confused. He was also so funny, like his humour was on point and he was so sarcastic. Loved. it! I was also cheering a bit for him at the end, because I actually wanted him to win. 

Things I didn't love that much but still can live with.
Why the fuck did Quicksilver die! Oh my god what the hell, why did he die. He was handsome, funny, his accent was a bit irritating I can't deny that but there was no need for him to die! He could have taken extra English lessons, no problem. They way he died was for a good cause, because I didn't want Hawkeye to go either but Jesus Chirst what a mess. 
Also his death pose was quit dumb, I am sorry. I also do not agree with how they treated Ultron, I mean at the end when he was al broken and ugly again I felt so sorry for him! They could have given him a chance or something and not just kill him because I actually believed in him. And oh my god when he captured black widow and showed her something and then kind of said: ''I am showing you this, because I have no one else to show it too'' I died. I just died. Inside, outside, everything just went downhill from that point. Because that was like after the scene were Wanda and Quicksilver had left him and he was all alone. It was just so so sad. I also didn't like the fact that Loki wasn't in this movie, he is still my favourite all time villain. Also Captain America should watch his language.

So I hope you loved this post about one of my favourite movies. And also one of my healthy obsessions, I never read the comics so I can call this healthy. Also this movie was just amazing! A must see!
Enjoy some pictures of me below trying to be Captain America and I hope to see you back soon!

Have you seen The Avengers, Age of Ultron?


  1. Dat is een film waar mijn vriend meer mij heeft als ik.

  2. Ik heb hem nog niet gezien maar gij lijkt mij super fijn! x

  3. Hee, ik heb je genomineerd voor de Liebster award (komt om 16.15u online) :)

  4. I love pretty much all movies from Marvel and The Avengers is my absolute favourite. I loved the second one just as much as the first movie and I'm already so excited for movie number three!

    1. Yesss number three! Mee too; But before that happens Thor ragnarok will come out first and im sooooo excited :D


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