My summer essentials

Hello sweethearts! The weather  have been so beautiful lately, it almost feels like  summer! I really have been enjoying my holiday so far and that’s why I wanted to share my summer essentials with you guys. I know it’s not officially summer yet but I still wanted to show you what kind of products I use during the hot days. Also it’s already summer in my head, so you simply can’t tell me that it’s not the time for this type of post. Anyway, enjoy the bunch of letters I used for this article!

Lotion that smells like roses.
I think it’s really important to have a lotion or body butter that has a nice smell. Because when your deodorant gives up on you, lotion can actually save your day and still make you smell nice. So I prefer my Satsuma body butter from the body shop, the smell is simply heaven and so fruity! But that’s not all, I also have a perfumed lotion  from a store which name I can’t remember but it’s closed now anyway. Chopard enchanted, smells  really good and it feels like putting on a high end perfume on your skin when you use it while it’s just a lotion.

Pretty perfume.
I actually use more perfume in the summer than I do during winter . I don’t know why actually, I think it’s just part of the summer feeling. I mostly use my guess perfume for the summer because  it’s kind of a warm and soft summer smell. It doesn’t look like that at all but I still find it a summer essential. Also I am really in love with the bottle. Despite that the label broke, boohoo.

Sunglasses instead of eyes.
If there is one thing you can’t live without during summer, well than it’s sunglasses. I prefer them more than my own eyes (if that’s possible). I recently bought a pair in Paris because my other one broke. I may love sunglasses a lot, but I only have like one pair because I know that if I buy more of them I will choose one to use and I won’t use the other ones until that one dies. So sunglasses are an essential, needy in my summer survival starter pack.

My precious baby
This may sound weird but I always get dry lips even during summer. It just drives me crazy, so that’s why I use my all-time favourite baby lips by Maybelline. They make my lips so soft and I only have to apply them once in a day or in  two days. I use them every day even if it’s not necessary, I just love them and they don’t make my lips appear dry if I don’t use them, something that was the case when I used to apply Labello lip products. So my precious baby lip is a serious summer essential!

All about that matt, about that matt, no treble.
Something so cruel, so terrible, so irritating like a glowing skin can only be stopped by something so powerful and amazing, something  that even Iron man fears. Something like a matt powder! If you haven’t heard of it yet, well than I am happy that you finally crawled out of that old big  stone because the All about matt powder by essence is simply heaven! It mattifies my skin so good, and it’s also suitable for every skin tone. Yes also a dark skin tone! This is a summer must have because of the amazing shine control and the cute design. Not to forget it's low budget!

So these were all of my summer essentials. The products I mostly use during summer and love like I love one direction. That reference wasn’t necessary but I did it anyway, oops. Let me know what products you guys mostly use during summer or during hot days.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope Isee all of you pizzas back soon in my paradise! 

Love, Jennifer


  1. Wauw gave foto's! Ik kan in de zomer ook echt niet zonder m'n zonnebril en bodylotion die ruikt naar de zomer haha :) x

  2. Hele leuke foto's! Vooral een bodylotion is voor mij ook echt een must voor de zomer :)

  3. Leuk artikel. Een zonnebril, poeder en matterende papiertjes horen bij mij echt tot mijn summer essentials.

  4. Mooie producten, in de zomer draag ik geen bodybutter maar de geur van die van TBS lijkt me wel heerlijk :-)


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