Mother's day | Tips, tricks and food ideas!

Whoop whoop, hello there! Welcome back to this wonderful place that’s called my blog.  I think you actually came at the right time because today I will give you guys some lovely tips about mother’s day. It is just around the corner, so I am right on time. I will tell you what to do, what to buy and even more important what to, well there’s nothing that rimes anymore so let’s get started! 

What to do?
Well most mother’s just want to have a rest day but there are also tons of mothers that like doing something active on Mother’s day. So I made a list of things you could do on Mother’s day whit your mum!

1. Take a walk (simple but effective)
2. My mother does my make-up tag (for  the bloggers  among us)
3. Do each other’s nails
4. Go for a run (Even if you don’t have a fit mum, you will end up doing nr. 1 anyway )
5. Go on a shopping trip!
6. Send your mum away to the neighbours or the garage and clean the whole house
7. Choose a random recipe from the internet and start cooking!
8. Put on some music and start a dance off
9. Try looking at old pictures together and recreate your mums teen look on her or on yourself.
10. Take the train to a random city and start discovering it! I bet you will end up talking about your deepest thoughts.

What to buy?
But before the day is actually there you still have to buy a present. You can send your dad or brother to the shop and make him sweat while you lay in your bed watching Netflix. And at the end of the day claiming it as a present you all bought together. However you can also do it yourself, make or buy your own personal present and even do it with your friends! Here are some ideas for you.

1. Frames. They are old but gold. Frames never get useless and if you work your little magic on it you could also decorate them into amazing things.
2. Make-up. Believe it or not even your mum watches Lauren Curtis all day if you are not around trying to do her fabulous make-up looks.
3. Body lotion. However when I say body lotion, I do not just mean drugstore-no-smell-body-lotion. But some good rituals, the body shop and even  Primark body lotion.  If it has an amazing smell you win!
4. Perfume. Let me recommend you this one.
5. A photo collage. All your pictures with your mum and maybe your family together! Is there even a better present than this one?
6. Money. For the ones who just don’t know what to do.
7. DIY. Try to make something yourself. Toothpaste, a necklace or even a jar. Try it all, self-made presents are an all-time classic  for Mother’s day.
8. A drawing. Even stickman’s are alright if you just don’t have the skills. Just put lots of stickers with it.
9. Something she needs to manage the house.
10. A jar with notes she can pull out whenever she feels sad. On the notes you can write quotes or phrases that will remind her why she is the best mother in the world. So she doesn’t only get to hear it on Mother’s day!

What to eat?
You could make lots of things on Mother’s day, for your mum or for both of you. Or even for the whole family. Here are some ideas!

1. Go for a picnic.
2. Croissants.
3. Get her something at McDonald, why not right?
4. Make your own pizza.
5. Make a fruit salad and a normal salad and let her choose.
6. Bake a cake and decorate it with your dad/other family members.
7. Make one of her favourite recipes and give your own twist on it.

So are you already excited for Mother’s day? Let me know in the comments what your plans are and how you are going to surprise your mum! (Finals are almost here, so there is a chance I will write shorter articles, sorry for that)


  1. Zo leuk die ideeën! Helaas zal ik mijn mama niet zien met moedersdag, dus het wordt een belletje. Dat zal ze ook wel waarderen :D it's the thought that matters, after all!

    1. Aawh dat is wel jammer! Maar idd een belletje is daarbij ook gewoon prima! Beter dan niks :)

  2. mooie originele tips! leuker dan de zoveelste parfum :) iets samen doen is veel leuker.


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