Monthly moments April | Paris, Food & Finals

Bonjour and welcome back! So, I don't do much in a week but when I look back at how my month was, well than I can tell you that I have done lots of things! So I came up with a new concept: Monthly moments. In this blogpost I will share all the things I've done this month through pictures with you. So sit down and graph yourself something to eat because we are going on a long ride!

I have to admit it, sometimes I take pictures of my food before eating it. But since I have been blogging I’ve been doing it more often because who knows when you are going to need them. Anyway, enjoy my monthly food pics! I picked a few.

Paris, finals, product pictures, food pictures, make up looks, My instagram is full of it! Take a look :)

Besides going to Den Bosch for my college interview, I also went to PARIS with school! 
It was so hot there omg, but lots of fun. Check out the pictures below.

Editing photo’s, writing, doing a tutorial. All for you guys and how I love it. Here are some pictures! There is also a new lay out like you already noticed but also some behind the scene pictures. The right one is from a new article coming up, so stay tuned! Also I am on facebook now, have you already liked the page?

My first OOTD came online and I still am very proud of it! Also did you already check out my shopping haul?

Picture of the month:
I think that this was the most beautiful picture I took in April, how about you? 

I hope you liked this ride and let me know what you have done this April. I always love to read the comments! Also finals are here in less than two weeks, so I will be posting some shorter articles the upcoming weeks. I simply won't have the time for blogging because of all the studying I have to do. 


  1. Leuke foto's! Vorig jaar zomer ben ik met mijn vriend naar Parijs geweest, maar krijg zo'n heimwee van je prachtige foto's.

    1. Ooh dat is wel echt romantisch :) En sorry hahah, probeer ze maar weg te denken uit dit artikel :p

  2. Heel gaaf dat je naar Parijs bent geweest met school! Ik ben er vorig jaar ook nog geweest.. het leuke eraan is dat je langs de Sephora kunt :D en die laatste foto is inderdaad prachtig!

    1. Jaa dat is waar maar helaas mochtten we niet alleen lopen en de rest deed ik het maar niet aan om uren mee te sleuren naar een make up winkel hahahah. En dankjewel! :)

  3. Hele leuke foto's! Parijs is zo'n geweldige stad, ik ben er dol op! xx

  4. Parijs! <33 En omg eten haha


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