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Hii pizza's, welcome back! Today you will not read one letter written by me (besides this intro oops) but by my (super) model friend Marijn Swillens! She wrote a guest post for my blog about her currently fabulous modelling life. Are you curious yet? Well than get yourself some food and start reading!

Hello my name is Marijn Swillens, and my dear friend Jennifer asked me to write a little bit about myself on her great new blog!

I finished high school last year, and after summer I started full time modelling, my first trip was in Hong Kong! From December till march I was there, and I have to say I couldn't have missed this experience! I met so many new people and did so many great things! For example Hong Kong Fashion week! That's on my top list of jobs that I had there. I got so much more mature and independent because of travelling by myself and I'm happy I didn't say no to this new experience!  The modelling job is amazing to me!

Hong Kong fashion week

Right now I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia and I am working a lot. A lot more than when I was in Hong Kong, so I guess it's a good sign. It's getting better and better each time! I did many shoots, for web shops, look books, magazines, I did a couple of shows, so a little bit of everything and I like it :). Why I love my job so much is because every day is different, every day you do something new and you meet new people. No boring routine, haha!

It's almost time for me to go back home to Holland, but first I will go to Bali for vacation, so exciting! And then I will prepare for Europe! Milan or London.. :) both would be really nice of course, but let's see what happens. Because everything happens for a reason!

To all Jennifers blog readers I want to say: don't give up on your dreams! Keep trying and trying if you know you have it in you! For example: I was almost about to give up, until I put one hashtag on Instagram to be discovered, and then one agency saw something in me and believed in me! So keep pushing, I know everyone can follow their dreams and make them come true just like me!



Ps. I am blogging in dutch about my modeling life on
Take a look on it for more pictures and stories!


  1. You're stunning! And it sounds like you're living the dream of a lot of girls, that is so great.

  2. Wauw, wat gaaf!

  3. Leuk om te lezen! Hoop dat ze naar nog meer mooie steden mag gaan voor modellenwerk :)


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