5 big upcoming festivals worldwide

Hello there sunshine’s, Don’t you guys just love summer and all the festivals that are happening or are planned to happen. I do and I also like to spot some nice festival make-up. Fashion and hair looks. For example Coachella is such a big explosion of lots of different styles at once. But Coachella isn't the only big festival in the world! Wanna know about some more? Well than click the 'read more' button below. 

Sunset music festival
With Skrillex and Tiësto as one of the main acts I can garantee you without even going that this one is going to be a hel of a party!
Dates: 23 and 24 May
Location: US, Tampa, Florida
Website: www.smftampa.com

Parklife festival
This festival is more for the people that like to listen to more hiphop related songs.
I mean, it's not all about the hardstyle isn't it. 
Dates: 6 and 7 june
Location: UK, Manchester
Website: www.parklife.uk.com/lineup.php

Wish outdoor
This magical festival even has 3 dates and it may not be near Amsterdam it is still a must visit in this list!
Dates: 3, 4, 5 July
Location: The Netherlands, Noord-Brabant
Website: www.wishoutdoor.com

Electro beach
Do you like dance music but with a bit of Electro? 
Well than you should check out this festival for sure!
Dates: 10, 11, 12, July
Location: France, Le Barcarès, Jardins du Lydia
Website: www.france.electrobeach.com/en/

Ultra Japan
This marvelous dancefestival is coming to Japan and it is bringing all different kind of great artists with it, including David Guetta. 
Dates: 19, 20 and 21 September
Location: Japan, Tokio
Website: www.ultrajapan.com

So this was my list of great upcoming festivals worldwide which are also a bit affortable and lots of fun! I hope this post give you lots of festival like feelings. Let me know which kind of festivals you will be visiting. I love reading comments and what you guys think of my articles!
It's a bit short, but I just don't have the time to write much because of finals, so sorry again for that.

Picture source & rights: youtube.com


  1. Fijn lijstje! Wish outdoor ziet er zo leuk uit!
    Ik ga zelf naar 7th Sunday festival :)

  2. Ik kende ze eigenlijk allemaal nog niet! Festivals zijn niet zo mijn ding.. ik geniet liever op een ander manier van goed muziek en goed weer haha :D succes met je examens!x

  3. Wauw, kende ze allemaal nog niet! Zien er allemaal leuk uit!


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