Shoplog: New shoes

Spring is here and so are my new shoes. I went 5 days in a row to the city just to look for the perfect type of shoes. It’s even harder if you have such big feet like me, but I have finally succeeded  and I like to share my new shoes with you. 

I bought new converse all stars. I already own a white pear and a black and white pear but I have been dreaming about getting fully black ones for such a long time. 

I think that All stars are the perfect spring shoes and other sneakers like Adidas superstars really don’t apply to my taste. I don’t know, they are pretty but not the right shoes for me.
So I went the other way and got myself new converse  sneakers.

Black is just one of my favourite colours and black shoes just go with everything. I like to wear all black clothes or just a little black detail in my outfits. 

I don’t think we should buy or wear  things only because they are currently a trend. I bought these shoes because I have loved them for such a long  time and I don’t care if it’s not in- fashion at the moment.
All I care about is that I like them myself and that they fit me and my clothes. Thinking  like  that really brings out the best in you and saves you from regrets.

I am hopelessly in love with my new shoes and I am looking  forward to wearing them every (sunny) day!

Price: 69,99 euro's

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  1. All stars zijn altijd leuk!

    1. Jaa klopt, kan er geen genoeg van krijgen! :)

  2. Ze zijn mooi! Lopen vast lekker in de zomer :)

    1. Ze lopen ook ontzettend fijn inderdaad! Daarbij ben ik gewoon helemaal verliefd op ze hahah :)

  3. Wat een goede investering, All Stars zijn altijd goed en zwart kan overal bij! X


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