Review: Mac studio finish concealer

Morning everyone! I hope I made you smile with the fact that you woke up to a new article from 
my blog. This time I will review the Mac studio finish concealer nw45 with SPF 35. I have been waiting to buy a concealer for a really long  time now. I couldn’t find the time to go to a Douglas or another place that sells MAC. But a few weeks ago I finally did buy myself a concealer and if you want to know how good or bad this concealer is, you should read further and take a look with me!

As some of you know, budget brands don’t make any type of concealer or foundation in a  dark colour so unfortunately I am forced to buy the ones that are a lot more expensive. On the other hand most of the time the expensive ones are of good quality so I still don’t lose.

The concealer is wrapped in a simple black box with the brand name at the centre. I really like the simple and tight design because it doesn’t distract a lot from the product and it also doesn’t look cheap at all. 

As you can see I already went through it whit my pencil, because I wasn’t sure if I’d review this product until you guys started asking for it. So sorry for that. I apologize.  

I bought a concealer brush because  I am not a fan of using my finger for these kind of products. It’s more hygienic to use a brush or a sponge for concealer or foundation.

The structure of the concealer is a bit thick, like a moose. It makes me think of a cover stick structure or something because it also has a high coverage. Applying this concealer with my brush was a bit different than with my finger. Applying it with my finger (everything for you guys) made the concealer look really thick under my eyelid and it didn’t blend well with my foundation. But when I did it with my brush it looked more natural and blending it out with my brush was also a lot easier than with my finger. I think that If you love applying  concealer  with your finger, you should just do it to cover up spots with this concealer  and not put it under your eye. Use a brush for that because it’s quit thick and it will cause a cake effect very fast if you apply to much of it. With a brush you can work more structured and apply bit by bit and not too much at once. 

This mac concealer has a high coverage, I can't deny that. It also has a matt finish, was you can see on
the right my skin is kind of glowing without concealer and on the left you can see that the concealer has mattified my skin. I didn't use any powder so I am kind of impressed by this. Also the little wrinkles under my eyes are almost gone!
 I also wore this concealer on a school day and at the end of the day it was still there, so it’s also really long lasting and I even wore it without foundation or anything another day and it still looked amazing. It blends into my skin easily and you don’t need much powder to set it or anything. However if you are looking for a more contouring kind of concealer you should not buy this one because it doesn’t really blend that well and it’s more of a concealer for under your eyes and for your spots and skin imperfections.

Left: concealer applied with brush Right: No concealer

But there is one thing that bothers me. As soon as I took of the concealer before I went to sleep a few
days ago. I discovered a few spots under my eye that weren't there in the morning. And I do not get spots easily so I am sure this happened because of the product. So I won't recommend it if  you are dealing with acne or a lot of spots because I think it can make it worse! Of course it depends on your skin, but to be honest I have pretty good skin and spots or acne do not really happen to me. So I think this is something you should think of before buying this concealer.

Why you should buy this product
- It has high coverage and is perfect for spots
- The colour matches perfect with my skin tone (depends on the person though)
- You can make it look softer with a pencil but thicker with your finger.
- You don’t need to wear it with foundation or powder
-   Long lasting
Why you should not buy this product
-       It’s  quite expensive  if you have cheaper options.( I don’t)
-       It doesn’t blend that well with foundation
-       It’s not made for contouring
-       It can give you a cake effect quite fast.
-       It can increase your spots or acne.

I think I give this concealer a 7 because it matches my skin, it's long lasting, I know how to use it and I am quite happy with it despite you can't really blend it. I think it's a great option for a fast face look without foundation or powder. It gives me spots but they also dissapear in a day on my skin, so I am quite lucky with that.

I hope you liked this review! I am wondering how you guys think about this concealer?
And are you going to buy it?

Price: 18,- euros




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