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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favourite things....

Hey girls! Funny how ‘My favourite things’  is also the commercial song of Our moment. So I think that makes this post even more special. In this second edition of 'My favourite things' I want to share my favourite perfume with you guys and tell you about how lovely it is.

The box of Our moment by One direction is a soft pink coloured box with 1D’s head on it. I like how classy and normal it actually looks. There’s not too much on the box and it’s all kept a bit simple. It is selling what is inside and that’s all. And actually that is what I like the most about it, the concept of that less is more.

Talking about how the perfume looks, I like how princess-like the bottle looks. But it’s not too girly, not too much, just normal.  Also the bottle is not too heavy, it’s quit light and small enough to take it everywhere with you. And I seriously love how the bottle is made out of thick glass, it has a royal glory on it, that I actually can’t really describe. However when you take off the perfume button it kind of loses the royal glory and it turns into a regular bottle.  

Despite that it loses his glory, I still think that the bottle looks like a diamond and that’s also how the perfume smells. Our moment is an amazing spring/summer smell that smells like flowers and is a bit sweet but not too much. It’s a perfect smell, I could compare this smell with expensive perfumes like Burberry and Marc Jacobs. You would even forget that it was made by One Direction. Maybe One Direction has some special perfume designer skills besides there golden throats. 

However I do not wear this perfume every day. I actually  have it for a year now and I am only half way with it. This is because I really want to enjoy it for a long time and I am really careful with my bottle just because I love it so much. But when it’s empty I will buy it again for sure because this is just a must have smell for your perfume collection. Even when you are not a fan of One direction though! I even like how pink the substance looks inside and the colour of it is really fascinating. Little things like these make it even more amazing.
This perfume takes me to a whole new level of paradise when I spray it. It's like flying through the clouds and smelling a whole new kind of fresh air.

The smell isn’t to heavy or anything and it lasts so long, it lasts a whole day!  I think that’s great quality for how much it costs and I’d advise you to just take a moment to smell the perfume when you see it and judge for yourself. Because at the end of the day it’s your choice and your moment to decide whether you like it or not. 

What's your favourite perfume?



  1. Pretty flesje! Ik weet alleen niet of ik ooit parfum van One Direction zou dragen laat staan kopen haha.. X

    1. Als je wegdenkt van wie het is ( als dat nodig is)dan zou je het echt kunnen vergelijken met de grotere merken zoals ik schreef ;)


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