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A filter here and a filter there, maybe adding a bit of shadow. Lots of things to apply before we post or selfie on our favourite social media named Instagram. Well it’s my favourite social media, because I feel like I can share almost everything on it and make shameless selfies. To be honest I think Instagram is the only place where you can actually drop your selfies without it being a big deal. So are you curious about my favourite accounts? Well than you should read further and take a look with me. 

Well the title is already giving it away. This Instagram account is all about inspiring all the girls in the world. They mostly post fashionable pictures, but also food pictures, Phones and other regular things. I think that the pictures are really beautiful and it’s  not a spam account at all, they don’t post every second. Beware some pictures can make u really jealous….


Yes, yes I know she was my number one favourite YouTube and yes she is also in my list of favourite Instagram accounts. Patricia’s pictures are just so gorgeous and she also posts a lot of beautiful outfits on her Instagram that are really inspiring. I can’t tell you enough about how flawless she is, you should check her Instagram out.

If you want to get really jealous but also inspired you should start following Anna Maria. I am still not really sure if she got rich because of her clothing line or just because of her parents. Anyway, I think she has really lovely and beautiful pictures. Also I am in love with her fashion sense and her make-up is always on point, I can’t even explain how amazing it is.


Tommo? That sounds familiar, and it is familiar because this Instagram account is from Louis Tomlinson’s little sister. Lottie Tomlinson is currently an intern of Lou Teasdale, One Directions hair and make-up artist. Lottie wants to become a make-up artist and that’s also what her Instagram pictures show. I am a big fan of her make-up and fashion style and in the future I would like to do an inspiring make up tutorial about her because her make up always looks so pretty!

Kendall, Kylie, Kim all these K's make me dizzy. Anyway I have to be honest, the Jenners and Kardashians inspire me a lot and I actually think they each have great style and there make up is just flawless. Especially Kendall, she is so pretty and I love her friendship with Cara Delevigne.
I think she's the most down to earth of the family and she actually has cute and lovely pictures of herself and the places she visits

Are you having a bad day or do you just want to lift up your self-esteem? Well Quotes on Instagram is great way to do that. I love this account because besides seeing all those beauty pictures and my friends pictures, I love being surprised with a quote that sometimes applies to my mood and just uplifts my thoughts. I think it’s a beautiful account to follow, it’s a feel good account for sure.

Of course I follow lots of beauty accounts on Instagram but this is just my favourite one because they post lovely make up tutorials and inspiring pictures. Nail art, hair tutorials, eye shadow tutorials, they have it all!  I think as a beauty addict this is just an  must-follow because you learn so much from it!


So Instagram is not only a great tool to post your own pictures, but it’s also a great way to discover new things, get inspiration or just follow someone you. You have seen my favourites now and I actually would like to ask you to put your favourites in the comment section and your own Instagram name . I Like to discover new accounts and follow them if I like what I see, so drop your Instagram name!

You can find me on instagram too, if you didn’t know already!



  1. Great inspiration!
    Your Silk & Salt Team
    Instagram is for pictures, YouTube is for videos, Silk & Salt is for blogposts

  2. I will definitely check out the quotes account :)
    Sarah |

  3. Thanks for the tips! I just love Instagram!!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I just love Instagram!!

  5. De quotesinstagram lijkt mij heel leuk! Dank je wel voor de tip, liefs Sabrina

  6. Leuke accounts allemaal! Ik vind Kendall ook de leukste van de hele Kardashian/Jenner clan ;)

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  7. Leuke accounts! Ik volgde er nog geen een.

  8. Leuk om weer nieuwe accounts te leren kennen, wat hebben sommige mensen toch veel volgers zeg! Ö

    1. Jaa he! Kan ik alleen maar van dromen hahah

  9. Wat een leuke accounts! Ik ben ook helemaal gek op Xammasi! Ik ben @irislarisa op insta en altijd actief, follow4follow? Haha X

  10. Love this accounts! I'm quite addicted myself. <3

  11. Great accounts! I'll check them out <3

  12. Hier zitten gave account tussen! Kendall Jenner volgde ik al, de rest nog niet


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