How fake am I?

False lashes, hair extensions, mascara even braces it’s all a bit fake isn’t it. Mascara makes your eyelashes longer , thicker,  blacker and different from your original lashes. Hair extensions give you the extra hair you may not be able to grow yourself.  And if you are not satisfied with your  teeth you just take braces because you can (I did). So do all these things we add to ourselves or remove from ourselves make us feel better? Why not take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you still remember how you looked before the make-up and braces and hair colours and all the things you went through just to be more satisfied about yourself. Why was your original self not good enough?
However you can’t change the past, so me being someone who loves make-up and all the beauty things and tricks, I asked myself one question; How fake am I actually?

Has there been any type of braces in my life?
First of all I have braces. I didn’t show my teeth yet at this blog while smiling but I have them and I do not really make a big deal out of it. I got braces because I had a huge gap between my front teeth and well I didn’t like it so I wanted to restore it so I got braces. I also had some other little things that wear wrong with my teeth, but my gap was the biggest one. My teeth are pretty straight and actually if it wasn’t for the gap I would not have taken any type or braces. However it was there, but the gab is gone now since 2 April but I still have to wear my braces for quite a few months. But they will be removed this year for sure, so I am looking  forward to it! So my teeth are being restored so they are not real aren’t they, so actually that’s one thing what’s not quit real about me. My teeth.

Do I wear Hairextensions/weave?
As you know my original hair isn’t the hair I am wearing now. I am wearing a weave, those are the type of extensions that you can apply easily on your hair. I have been wearing weave for almost one and a half year now and I am enjoying it so far. Of course there are cons, but my natural hair has also a lot of cons. I don’t hate my natural hair because after 2 months I remove my weave and wear my natural hair for 3 or 4 weeks. It’s just easier for me in the morning to wear weave and it makes my natural hair grow better. I can also do a lot more with it than my own hair. So my hair isn’t real 50% of the year, well I think this part is a lot more fake than my teeth.

Do I like to wear Fake nails?
There’s one thing that doesn’t apply to me and that’s fake nails. Just Nope, just a no. I don’t wear any type of fake nails. I have contacts so it’s not handy in any way, I seriously don’t feel anything for acryl nails and not to forget fake nails are bad for your own nails. My nails aren’t perfect and sure those pointy Instagram nails give me Goosebumps and all kind of feelings but I  just don’t see myself with it. Sure I’d try a fake pair of Primark nails for a day but for now I am satisfied with my own nails. I’ll make them pointy myself, can’t be that difficult though. So this is something that’s quit real about me and I think it’s already one victory.

How much make up do I wear?
It depends on my day how much make up I wear. If I’m lazy I’ll just put on some concealer and mascara and lip balm…. That’s twice a week or maybe once, because I can’t deny I love the full face coverage. But  it’s not great for your skin so I am trying to take it a bit more easy and be more satisfied with my own skin and eyes . My skin isn’t bad at all but I just feel better with concealer, foundation, blush and sometimes highlighter on my face. I think it looks prettier and I like to try new things almost every morning. I also try to make my eyes look bigger with a lot of products because I believe  that my eyes are as small as a peanut. Or that’s just because I have  hooded eyes, I don’t even know.  Anyway, I have times that I will wear lots of make up 3 weeks straight, besides the lazy weekends, and days that I will go to school without any and still be satisfied. Until I get home, look in the mirror and ask myself why I even considered going out without concealer.

Other things you should  know
I DO NOT FAKE THAN, I am 100% brown. If you were wondering . Alright that was a lame joke, let’s get back to the point. I couldn’t come up with other things that were fake about me, besides the things above. Of course having braces doesn’t make you queen of the faketory immediately but it’s just something people forget about when they talk about fixing your face or plastic surgery. Because it is surgery but in a different and less painless way. 

But as a beauty/lifestyle blogger I think that these so called ‘fake’ things don’t make you less prettier in anyway. And we should all do what we like the most and make us feel the best way. I could remove all my extensions and make up but it would not make me a different person in behaviour or character. I still wouldn’t do it because I like it and I like all these things I do while I am making ready or the things that make me prettier in my own way. Because I do it for myself and not for other people. Actually I am not that fake, because besides my looks, I think my behaviour is pretty real.

Now I am wondering, how fake are you guys?

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