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Good morning! I hope you all have been well and I wanted to start the day with my first post about a product that I've used for 5 months. The Garnier day cream for combined and oily skin has been my favourite day cream for the past months. Unfortunately it’s empty but that didn’t hold me back from sharing it with you lovelies.  

This is actually my first day cream ever and I bought it in the sale with another product of Garnier. Garnier says that this day cream is mattefying and makes your skin less oily. This really applied to me because I use lots of powder or foundation to make my skin less shiny but that doesn’t do my skin any good though. This product was a fast solution for the morning and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The texture of the day cream was really soft and it blended really well into my skin. It took only 1 minute or even less to dry. I also really liked the way the box looked with the green and white design. It was simple but it gave me a feeling that I was using a natural and skin friendly product and not just some random cream that came out of a factory with no good ingredients in it at all. 

Not to forget the product was amazing for my skin, and it also did a great job as a primer kind of. Of course my skin didn’t stay matt for the entire day but this product still controlled the shine on my face. It also kept my skin really soft and using this as a primer was the best decision in my life because it kept my skin spot (caused by make up) free. My skin condition improved a lot because of this product. I am already planning to buy it again!

I am only a bit sad about the fact that there was not really a lot of cream in it. It’s quit a small box and if you use it every day  it will be empty in like 2 months. I did quit long with it because I did not use it every day and sometimes lived through a day without it. But thinking of how much it costs, they could have made a bigger box for it. However you didn’t need much for your entire face because of the soft and almost watering way it blended. But for 6,59 euros they could have given us a lot more than only 50ml.

So I really loved this product, it was good for my skin and it kept my skin matt and did almost everything it said it would do. Also wearing it under my foundation was really good for my skin condition. I would recommend this product to you and you should really try it if you are dealing with oily or combined skin. If you are still looking for a daycream, well than stop looking because I may have found the right one for you. 

What kind of skin products do you guys use?


  1. Ziet eruit als een fijne creme! Ik gebruik zelf liever serum (zoals L'Oreal Skin Perfection) onder mijn foundation X


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