Blusher by H&M review

H&M may be a clothing store, it still has a lot of good make up. I recently bought the H&M blush in the colour pink and I have never been so delighted about a blush as about this one. It’s a soft but still powerful Barbie looking pink colour. I am so in love with this blush that I couldn’t wait to write about it.

Like I said, Blusher by H&M is a really pink and powerful colour. I think the box looks kind of pretty. It is simple and it shows what it is selling, blush. Nothing more or nothing less, pretty clear. I like how there is not a brush included because I always use my own blush brush and throw the ones included away.

 This blush has a fine texture, it is soft and really pigmented. There  isn’t any fall out and the pigment is simply great. I only have to apply ones to make the colour pop out and for dark skin that is just simply fantastic. If you have a light skin  you should be really carful with applying because  there’s a lot of pigmentation and the colour can quickly be a bit too much on your  cheek.

The colour is quite striking so it may be hard to combine it with a pretty eye look or with other makeup products. I tried to make a look with the blush so you can get an idea about how to make such a colour match with the rest of your look.

It also works to make your lipstick or lip balm match a little bit with your blush. I used my Maybelline baby lips lip balm in the colour red. 

Store: H&M
Price: 4,99 euro's
Rate: 8/10

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  1. mooi effect geeft de blush! :3 heel naturel maar mooi

  2. It's so bright! But on your skin tone it actually looks really wearable and soft, lovely.

  3. Looking good! The shade is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Looks like a wonderful blush on you! Good choice :) you look beautiful XO Naomi

  5. Wauw ik wist niet dat H&M zo'n mooie blushes had! x


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