A slice of healthy food + 10 reasons why eating healthy is amazing!

Healthy? Most people run away when they hear this combination of letters.  I have to be honest, I’d rather eat a hamburger than a salad, but when it comes to the actual point of choosing I’d choose a salad. Because Healthy food is just better for your body and your mind, that’s a fact. Besides it doesn’t have to be horrible or something, it can be pretty delicious. So  that’s why I want to share one of my recently discovered Healthy food blogs that share all kinds of wonderful and delicious healthy recipes:  A slice of healthy food.

A slice of healthy food is made by my friend Marijn Swillens who is currently a model in Jakarta, Indonesia. She and her sisters are the owners who write about all kinds of healthy and amazing recipes. But beware this blog is written in Dutch! 

 courgettelasagna from the oven

Not to mention, the various types of food on their blog. It's full of recipes for drinks, breakfast, dinner and more. Marijn is one of the healthiest persons I know, of course she doesn’t eat fruit 24/7 but she is well educated in what to eat and what not to stay fit and healthy.  

Frozen Yoghurt Smoothie

Besides having an amazing blog, a slice of healthy food is also on Instagram. They put the most amazing pictures of their delicious goods on the insta-wall. And they also have their own  Facebook page so you can keep up to date with what happens on their blog.

Ready to go: Rice salad

Aren't you convinced yet to visit the website? Or even start eating healthy?
Well than I'll give you 10 reasons why you should start eating healthy/healthier in the first place: 
1. You will regret eating a pizza sooner than eating a fruit salad. 

2. It’s better for your skin ( beauty reasons always score!)

3. It prevents a lot of diseases and illness 

4. It will help you get that  amazing hot summer body you have been dreaming of for years.

5. You don’t have to share any type of food with your cat, because they don’t eat salads anyway.

6. It adds more energy to your body.

7. It makes you feel like one of those Instagram fit girls.

8. It will increase your cooking skills, because it takes more effort to make something healthy than to go to McDonald and  let it be made for you. 

9. It’s more important than going to the gym if you want to lose weight.

10. It’s delicious!

Hopefully you enjoyed this article, and let me know what kinds of things you do to stay healthy, or to just eat more food that's better for your body, mind and soul!


  1. Ik word hier helemaal gemotiveerd van om gezond te gaan eten! Leuk artikel <3

  2. mmm ziet er lekker uit foto's! Goed artikel!

  3. I love healthy recepies, we just need a little of imagination and sometimes it ends up being great flavor meals.



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