What sunday's are made for

Today was such a sunny day so I couldn't resist taking a picture of my outfit. Or actually just half of it. However I came up with an idea for an article. 
I love Sundays because you have lots of free time and even when you are a senior just like me there are a lot fun things to do on a Sunday. So that's why I made a list of what Sundays are made for...

Sundays are made for...

1. Lazy days where you can just lay in your bed and do nothing besides staring at your posters

2. Experimenting with make-up, trying that one eye shadow tutorial you have been dreaming of for a long time. 

3. Trying on new outfit combinations that you will forget the next morning you wake up.

4. the opportunity to spend time with your mum even if it's only half an hour.

5. Eating unhealthy food while watching 8 episodes of How to get away with murder in a row, even when you've already seen the whole season.

6. Reading books that make you question the real world.

7. Homework you haven't done for the whole week and is supposed to be done before Monday. 

8. Being on the phone with your (best)friend and talking about a lot of things.

9.  Trying new things, like starting a blog or write a story.

10. Cleaning up the mess that is called your closet.

11. Talking to your crush

12. Celebrating specials days like international woman day!

13. Home-made beauty treatments you can give yourself or your friends. I may write an article about that.

14. Vine marathons.

15. Going on a shopping spree on your own! 

16. Googling new blogs to follow.

17. Long walks on the beach or in the forest. 

18. Listening to music until the lyrics are stuck in your head.

19. Watching One Direction funny moments on YouTube, ah the fetus days!

20. Being happy!

Shoes: Converse All star black
Bag: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Coat: Primark
Jeans: The Sting.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope to see you back soon!



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