Playlist of the month #2

It is time again for sharing and caring. Or let me say, PLAYLIST OF THE MONTH. In this article I will share my favourite songs I have been blasting throught my headphones the entire month of march. They can be new songs or just old songs from a long time ago which I got addicted too in a short time. Enjoy!

1. Reflection - Fift Harmony

This song already has been out for a while but I was not quit interested in it to even give it a listen.  At some point I read more and more about it and well, I gave it a try. I think this song is a great one and maybe my favourite from Fifth Harmony so far. They should have made this there single because it is much more catchy than slash hammer. Anyway, this song is one of those songs you should give a try even if it’s not your piece of cake!

2. Survivor - Destiny's child 

Surviving was all I could think of during studying for my exams and now for finals. God bless this song. It gave me the power to not give up and try even harder every time I felt like pushing away my books. Who doesn’t love the vibe Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly are giving us in this song. A perfect song for a senior I can tell you that!

3. Right there - Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean

I had this one on my phone for a while and then I removed it because I heard it too much. Now it’s back again and wow how I love Ariana. Well most of the time, but I totally dig her style and make up and well her voice is fierce too! And how cute is it that she has a song with her current boyfriend.

4. Immortals - Fall out boy

This song may be written for the movie Big hero 6, but it is still a catchy song.
Fall out boy keeps surprising me and this song is a feel good song for sure. It kind of makes me happy sort of.

5. Style - Taylor swift

We never get out of style…. I am not a fan of Mrs. Swift but I can’t deny that she has really good songs. Also her voice is just beautiful and I love the beet of this song. It makes me feel like I am sitting in a car at night and driving to a place I don’t even know yet. This song is so relaxing and almost magical. I like it a lot for sure.

Music is so important and I don't know how I would survive without the tunes and voices that make me feel happy and less stressful. I loved sharing the current songs that I have been listening to a lot in this month.

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