Pink lipstick and how to wear it.

We all have that secret love for the colour pink. Romantic, neon or just Barbie pink. Also wearing pink lipstick just gives you a warm and welcome look and awakes your girly self, most of the time. When you have a dark skin tone, pink is not the first colour you will choose to wear as a lipstick. However there are ways you  do can wear it and it will look amazing on you too! So I’ll tell you about my 2 favourite pink lipsticks and how I make them match with my skin tone easily. 

The first lipstick I’ll be telling you about is my Catrice lipstick, it’s called Pink a Berry 300 and it’s a shiny Barbie pink lipstick.  The silver design that contains the lipstick is quit pretty but doesn’t give away which colour lipstick it is unless you look at the bottom. I don’t really like shiny lipstick but if the colour is good I try to make it matt with my essence all about matt powder. It’s a white powder that adjusts to every kind of colour and makes it matt in a second. 

On the left you can see the catrice lipstick swatch and on the right the Essence Natural beauty 07 swatch. The catrice isn't as creamy as the essence lipstick but the essence lipstick has a plastic smell I really don't like. It smells like child make up or something I can’t place it. The essence lipstick is a much more creamy and softer pink. It could be the perfect nude colour for a lighter person.  Both lipsticks are really long lasting and the Essence one even survived dinner.


How to wear them

First I always found it difficult to choose lipstick to match with my skin. I always loved pink colours but they never really matched my skin so that was a disappointment for me until I discovered a new trick. The only thing you need for this trick are a pink lipstick, a brown lip pencil and your fingers.

I’ll be doing this tutorial with the essence natural beauty 07.

First you put the lipstick on your lips, without anything else, jus the lipstick

Second you draw the lines of your lips with a dark lip pencil that adds up to the colour of your skin. Draw it around your whole lip and you can make it as thick as you want. I choose to keep the line a little small so the pink colour doesn’t fade away.

Then you use your finger to blend the brown colour with the lipstick but don’t blend it too much inside the lip, keep it a bit at the edges. You can also choose to apply a bit more pink when you are finished with the blending.

Full face result:
                                                           Essence natural beauty 07                                    

I also did the same thing with the catrice lipstick:
                                                   Catrice Ultimate shine Pink A berry 300

I didn't choose to apply any other make up product because I wanted to focus on the lipstick. It kind of looks like a nude look on me while my skin colour is a total different colour from the lipstick.
This proves that even with a dark skin you can perfectly wear soft or heavy pink lipstick.

Catrice: 3,99 euro
Essence: 2,35 euro

What is your favourite brand of pink lipstick?

Kind regards,


  1. Wauw! jij hebt echt hele goede lippen voor lippenstift!
    Had ik maar zulke lippen haha dan zou alles mij staan!


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