My week in pictures #1 Examweek

Finally  the exam week is over and I have never been so delighted in my life. The days of 24 hours studying are over for now and finally I am able to relax for a couple of days until finals start. During my exam week I made some pictures to share with you. So If you want to know about my journey this week well than continue reading.

On Monday I had maths, I only spend like 2 hours at school but I still wanted to put an outfit together. Most of the people wear sweatpants during exam weeks.

Morning studying for my German exam on Tuesday, I had to learn over 200 words and the exam was quite difficult too. I hope it worked a bit out. 

Wednesday was a tuff day for me hearing about Zayn leaving one direction. It hit me really hard but I was able to finish my exam week properly. I will write an article about how I feel about what happened soon. 

Thursday was the last real study day, I had a economic exam and I also took some pictures for an article coming next week. Here’s a sneak peek.

Friday was the last day, I started the day with a sandwich and also had a birthday party from a friend. 
I had a writing exam for English it went pretty well but I had 50 words to many. Luckely I was not the only one.

Not a lot of pictures yet hope you had fun reading this! 
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