My top 5 TV shows

I have been studying so much for my exams  the past 2 weeks, that I haven’t been able to write a proper article for you guys. So that’s why I’ll share my top 5 favourite TV shows with you. Maybe you will  be able to kill some time with them when I don’t post in a week. I also have to warn you that they are really addictive.

1.       How to Get away with murder.
I recently discovered this one. This is a new show, it started in 2014 and I can tell you that this show will blow your mind away. I can’t even describe how amazing and twisted this show is. I didn’t even trust my cat after  watching the season finale that aired 2 weeks ago. How to get away with murder is about 5 law students and their Professor that get into the most twisted things in life. I can’t even explain how I have watched those episodes with my jaw dropped to the ground. And I am not someone who is easily impressed by TV shows.

2.       Supernatural  
This one is a really old one, it aired in 2005 and has been on Fox ever since. Unfortunately the last season aired this year and I can tell you that this show is really great. If you like horror but not too much of it and supernatural things with a nice storyline, well than this show is the one for you. It’s about Dean and Sam Winchester that lost their mother when they were younger and have been raised by their Demon hunting father ever since. When they get older they get into the what they call ‘family business’ and start hunting things like vampires, ghosts and demons themselves. I started this show in 2013 and I love the whole  concept of the family business and the storyline. Sometimes it’s really sad but most of the time really funny. It’s not even a comedy but the jokes are on point I  can tell you that. Give it a try!

 3. Sleepy Hollow
This show aired in my country in 2014 and I have only watched season one. Season two is already out but I didn’t  have the time to watch it yet. Sleepy Hollow is also a supernatural type of show but with also a great storyline. I also love the diverse  cast and I totally fell in love with the main characters. I can’t tell you much about this show because I’ll spoil it  so I will only recommend you to watch the trailer:

4.       Gossip girl
I am ashamed to tell you that I am still stuck at season 4 episode 2. But woah guys, what a show! The romantic, bitchy, fashionable and drama concept is amazing. I can tell you that Blair Waldorf is my favourite person so far and which girl doesn’t dream of a boy like Chuck Bass.  I never liked the really girly shows but this show is such a blast. I also like how we don’t know who gossip girl is and all the drama that comes and goes. This show is a must see!

5.       Glee
Everybody knows this show even if they don’t watch it . Glee is a global success and I perfectly understand why. The idea of giving the underdogs a chance to shine inspired lots of people including me.  I mostly enjoyed  season 1, 2 and 3 but season 4 and 5 weren’t really good. But the last season, season  6 aired this year and I can say that It’s like the old glee all over again but without Cory unfortunately. You should give it a look if you didn’t watch it yet, it’s worth watching!

Not all the TV shows air in every country so that’s why I watch them online. I watch my shows at  It’s totally safe and I have been watching on this site for like 3 years now. You don’t have to download anything because  the shows are being streamed so you just have to click the adds away.

I hope,  I helped you discover some new TV shows, have  fun!



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